Skarmy GY Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck has been dominating the top of ladder under the use of Dark Prince. He has even beaten Pompeo using this deck! Dark Prince plays this deck fairly aggressively which is unusual for a normal graveyard deck, however because this deck is fairly strong on defence you can afford to play more aggressive as long as you leave yourself enough elixir to defend lightly in the lane your opponent decides to push. The skeleton army and the bats synergies extremely well together because they are both super strong defensively and offensively and they both bait out the opponents zap spell if they have it in their deck. This also opens the game up for you to go more aggressive with a graveyard push because if they have used zap then it is one less counter they have for your skeletons. You need to try and get good value from your two spells in this deck especially if you are using them defensively, most of the time the best way to do this is to use them at the last possible second making sure you hit as many troops as possible. You’re offensive pushes will mainly be your giant and graveyard, make sure that the giant tanks for the spawning skeletons to give you the most value possible, have zap ready to use against any bats, goblins or skeletons your opponent might play on defence.

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The graveyard is your main win condition in this deck, it can apply a lot of pressure to your opponent and force them to over defend if you know they don’t have a good counter in cycle. Check out my video to see the most optimal placement on the opponents towers for this card.

Skeleton Army

The skarmy is a great defensive card especially against giants, golems and pekkas. If you have already taken a tower then you can try to catch your opponent off guard by playing this card in the pocket along with your giant graveyard push as long as their counters are out of cycle.


This guy is great for chipping away at the opponents towers and tanking for the spawning skeletons. You can also use him to kite units if you don’t have another counter to play.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game Dark Prince loves starting out with a giant in the back. This will usually cause your opponent to rush to opposite lane where you can defend lightly but leave yourself with enough elixir to play the graveyard as the giant crosses the bridge. This can sometimes take a tower down in the first 30 seconds of the match. Even if you tower trade here then you will be able to drop giant in the pocket which is better for you.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should keep up that aggressive play style even if you have taken a tower. Sometimes it isn’t worth spending elixir on defence especially if you’re going to loose the tower anyway so what I recommend if apply pressure to the tower that still stands on the opponents side.

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