Best Deck In This Meta!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck has become incredibly strong in this meta, it’s works well on defence against most archetypes and then you have the royal hogs as your win condition to get tower damage. The hogs, magic archer and zappies all act as a fireball/heavy spell bait card. You should try to bait out their spell so you can punish them or help build up a large push if they decide to take your bait. Unlike most hog cycle decks you don’t want to play this deck too aggressively because the royal hogs cost 5 elixir which means your opponent can punish you easier. The tombstone works well at kiting units giving you more time to take down their push. You can also split lane push with this deck especially in double elixir, you can split zappies and hogs to pressure both lanes and the range of the magic archer will help support both lanes.

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Magic Archer

Magic archer is an extremely high skill cap card. His placement can be the difference between winning or loosing a match up so it’s important to practise with this card and try to use his range to your advantage. He is great at helping take down swarm units and if you place him correctly he will also damage other units behind maybe even their tower. He does die to fireball to so unless you’re trying to bait out the spell then don’t play him to close to you towers or other units.

The Log

The log is a great card to use to help chip away at your opponents towers throughout the match. You should always try and get good value by taking out units and also doing tower damage. Against bait decks this will be your main counter to the goblin barrel. Fire spirits also destroy the royal hogs so if you know your opponent is running them then you will most likely need to make prediction log placements to stop them gaining a three elixir lead.


Valkyrie is a great card, you can play her to help defend your opponents push and then you will most likely be able to counter push with your royal hogs behind her. If you do this I recommend splitting to hogs at the river so two go for each tower. She is also the mini tank in this deck so she can be used to help protect units like magic archer, mega minion or zappies alive to force your opponent to fireball which will allow you to apply pressure with the hogs.

Royal Hogs

These four bacon rations are your win condition in this deck. They are very strong and early reports are saying that they won’t be getting nerfed for at least another month. You can use them to pressure you opponent if they play a heavy tank or an elixir collector. They can also be used to force units to turn around that are getting close to your towers and kite them away. Alothough they are similar to he hog rider they should be played with more caution. Make sure you know what counters your opponent has before you commit to playing these and sometimes it will be best to split lane push if your struggling to break through their defence.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you shouldn’t start out the match straight away by applying pressure with the royal hogs unless your opponent spends a lot of elixir in one lane. Try to play passively and make positive elixir trades on defence until you know what deck your opponent is playing. Keep track of their counters and try to bait them out and then punish them if you get a good opportunity. The best opening play with this deck is splitting zappies behind your king tower. Most of the time it will be best if you wait for your opponent to make the first move.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you will be able to use the hogs more aggressively, just make sure you are still keeping track of their counters and applying split lane pressure if required. If you have already taken a tower your main focus should be on defence however it is also good to keep some light pressure applied in the opposite lane to stop your opponent spending all their elixir on offence. If it looks like your going to loose a tower then go all in down the opposite lane to try and take their other tower or even go for the three crown. Goodluck running this deck everyone!

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