Valkyrie Royal Hogs Magic Archer Zappies Deck
DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck combines tow of the strongest and OP cards in the current meta, the valkyrie and the royal hogs. Add in the amazing magic archer, zappies and the mega minion and you are able to defend with the help of the tombstone, fireball and log. This deck combines power, speed, spells , a building and a low elixir cost for late game pushes.

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Magic Archer

Placement Placement Placement is KEY ! The Magic Archer can earn you many elixir trade offs and do some chip damage on the tower all at the same time.


The Valk is your tank and your defender against the graveyard and golem decks. The valk has become the powerful card that needs to be in most decks.

Royal Hogs

The royal hogs provide you a quick element of surprise like the e barbs and hog. The hogs remain to be very strong in this mets.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the beginning it's best to defend until you have the valk and hog in rotation. Play the valk in the back and when she approaches the bridge play the royale hogs and support them both with either the magic archer or the fireball or log. Use your tombstone and mega minion to defend and the rest of the cards for support.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time cycle defend and push with the valk. This deck breaks down you opponents push and you create a ton of pressure with the royal hogs. The magic archer again is crucial in creating elixir tradeoffs and chip damage on towers.

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