3 Musketeers OP!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is great fun to play and is also incredibly strong and can defend against pretty much any archetype. In this deck you have lots of different cards to use to get tower damage throughout the match. You should assess your opponents cards and then figure out which cards are are most likely going to use to break through their defence. The elixir pump is a vital part of this deck, you should keep pumping up and forcing your opponent to respond, try to protect the pump from miners. If they use a heavy spell against the pump then it means they have one less counter in cycle for your three musketeers. The ice golem and battle ram are great to use to kite units especially into the range of the musketeers if you’ve split them. The ice golem and miner are great mini tanks which you can use to help keep your other units alive or distract seige decks. You rarely want to be sending solo miners onto the opponents side especially if they pump up. When they play an elixir collector play battle ram goblin gang at the bridge then play the miner onto the elixir pump, this will most likely mean you either take their pump or remove a lot of HP off their towers.

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Miner can offer a lot of value for three elixir, if you play him onto the opponents towers and you have other units crossing the bridge then make sure you place him towards to back of their towers, this will pull their defensive troops back allowing your other units to lock onto their tower. As I explained above he is also your main elixir collector counter but he is also great against xbow or mortar if you can get him to lock onto their seige unit. He is also a great counter to the princess and should be used to take her out against bait decks if you get the opportunity.

Three Musketeers

Three musketeers can take some getting used to especially if you’ve never played them before. You should split them in the majority of circumstances unless your against another three musketeer deck with no heavy spells, in this instance you should play them in the same lane as your opponents two musketeers just as they’re about to cross the bridge.

Battle Ram

Battle ram is a great card to use to apply pressure especially along along side goblin gang or miner. It can be used to apply pressure in the opposite lane to force your opponent to defend in both lanes especially if you have two musketeers in one lane.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game in the majority of matchups you want to keeping play the elixir collector, making positive elixir trades and building a good elixir lead. If the opponent has a golem and they start a big push from the back then split the musketeers so two and in the opposite lane to the golem, you can then use ice golem or battle ram to kite their support units into the range of you two musketeers. Take advantage of any opportunity’s if your get them, for example your opponent plays their air counter and will have nothing to answer your minion horde if you support it with a miner.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game is the time when this deck is at its strongest, especially if you’ve defended efficiently and have been playing the elixir collector throughout single elixir. With most decks you build up a large push but with this deck it almost has a bridge spam element which you should take advantage of when your opponent makes a mistake. You can also split lane push to make it harder for your opponent to defend. Don’t play the elixir collector if there is under 52 seconds left in the game however if the opponent has posion or fireball you should keep playing the pump until this point to force out the spell so they have one less counter to the musketeers, minions and goblins. Goodluck playing this deck everyone check out my video to pick up some more great pro tips and how you can handle different matchups using this deck.

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