#1 Golem Deck Right Now!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Royal has been dominating top level ladder with this extremely strong golem deck! As you can see there is no elixir collector in this deck. So instead of pumping up and protecting it to gain an elixir lead you need to adjust your game play and learn to defend lightly, play passively and gain your elixir advantage that way. When you are ready to start your push you should play your support troops in the back first, this means you have more elixir to defend if the opponent pressures the opposite lane, or you can also play the golem in the centre to kite units into the range of your support troops. Baby dragon and night witch will be your main support cards and you should use mega minion and Valkyrie to help out on defence along with your spells. In a match up where you play against another golem player, then you should just play passively and reach to what they play, they will most likely not play a golem until it gets close to double elixir and you should do the same. Most of the time you only need one successful push with this deck to end to game and if you know your opponent is low on elixir you should keep supporting your pushing and overwhelm your opponents. Make sure you check out my video to get some pro hints and tips from Royal you is an absolute beast with this deck!

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Night Witch

Night witch is strong support card especially if you play her in the back and allow your bats to build up.


This guy is your heavy tank and a meat shield for the rest of your troops.


Try to activate your king tower early game to help out with defence throughout the rest of the match. Later game you can use this to pull units into the range of the baby dragons splash or the golems death damage.


This card should be used against an elixir pump if you have it in hand. This spell also works great at supporting your pushes and helping taking down defensive units that your opponent plays to counter your push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early on in the match as I mentioned above you need to try and build a good elixir lead by making positive elixir trades on defence. It’s ok to take some small tower damage especially if your going to gain an elixir advantage from it. You don’t really want to play a golem early in the match unless your opponent is playing lava hound then you will need to use him to pressure the opposite lane. Remember to always try and activate your king tower especially if the opponent has, hog rider, goblin barrel, royal hogs, graveyard or Royale ghost. The best time to place the golem is around the 1:05 mark, this way as the game enters double elixir it’ll mean you have more elixir to defend the opposite lane and also more to support the golem.

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