#1 Miner Posion
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This deck will remain pretty strong even after the balance changes that will be coming into effect. If the opponent has an elixir collector then you have a few options on how to counter it, the best way is to pressure the lane with a couple of cards and then play the miner onto their pump. If it’s still single elixir then play the miner onto the tower and now posion both the tower and the pump to damage both the tower and pump and also catch any cards they use defensively. The ice wizard and tornado and the two most important cards for you to use on defence. It works great against the heavy beat down decks and also against any annoying spam or swarm deck. If you find yourself playing against three musketeers you should always try to Tornado the three musketeers into the same lane and then posion. Another important thing is that people are often too aggressive with the miner which usually results in a negative three elixir trade. During single elixir you can play the miner slightly more aggressive because your will most likely be playing passively and reacting to your opponents plays.

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You will be using this guy to acquire small chip damage throughout the game. You should use him to apply extra pressure if you have troops crossing the bridge that have been used on defence, playing him onto their tower will make him act as a mini and often force a response from your opponent. He is also great to use against elixir collectors.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is still heavily underused but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use him. He is best used defensively because his slow affects can synergies extremely well with your towers or the Tornado to help shut down their push.


Be patient with his card, make sure that you always get good value from this card before you place it.

Early Stage Gameplan

Don’t go to aggressive early game, you need to know what deck your opponent is playing because this will alter the cards that you play offensively and defensively for the rest of the game. For example if your against bait decks you can’t be using your Valkyrie as a cycle card. Or if you’re against lava loon the. You wouldn’t want to be cycling the ice wizard behind your towers. The Tornado should be used to activate your king tower early game to help aid you on defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game you still need to play defensively and wait for a good opportunity to go aggressive and try to get lots of HP off their tower. Once their tower is low enough then you can start to spell cycle as long as you get good value when you place your spells. Remember to keep track of the key cards in your opponents deck to help you know what cards you need to have ready for defence. Goodluck running this deck everyone!

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