Best Giant Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This giant deck is fairly straight forward to use once you understand the basics of this deck. The giant should almost always be played last when your starting to build a push against your opponent unless you are using to kite or distract enemy units. The reason you play him last is because if you play him in the back the opponent will often rush the opposite lane, and if you play the night witch first then it gives her more time to spawn more bats making your push stronger. The beauty of this deck is that once you get their tower to around 1000HP then you can miner cycle and spell cycle your opponent for the victory. You should always make sure that you get good value from every spell you use. I recommend playing in the same lane as your opponent in pretty much every game you play. Although if the opponent places a golem early game behind their king tower then you can apply pressure opposite lane to force them to spend elixir in the lane they don’t want to push. The best time to play an offensive miner is just as the giant crosses the bridge, you can then use zap if required to retarget their tower onto the miner to allow the giant to punch their tower once or twice more!

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Night Witch

The Night Witch is a great support card to use, you should always try to make sure that either the miner or the giant is tanking tower damage to allow her to live longer and spawn more bats!


In this deck you will rely on the miner for a lot of different defensive situations. He is great at sniping enemy troops with low to medium range HP. He will also be great at sniping an elixir collector if your opponent is running it. If you know you’re ahead on elixir and you have a giant on the opponents side of the arena you can play him onto their tower to get extra chip damage, I would only do this if you don’t rely on the miner for defence and you know you’re up on elixir.

Minion Horde

Both set of minions act as a bait card for one another in this deck, if the opponent has posion then night witch will also act as a bait card. Minion horde should be the last card you play on defence because you need to be sure that their counters are out of cycle before you play this five elixir card.


This card can be vital especially if you need to retarget their tower onto your miner, this can help take down their tower in a single push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Often the best thing to do early game is play passively and wait for the opponent to make the first move. You should just simply react to what Ever cards your opponent plays until you have a good understanding of what they’re running. If the opponent places and elixir collector however then you should apply some pressure, you can play the miner onto the tower and fireball the pump and the tower together, the opponent usually predicts your miner placement on their pump not the tower so this way you get more chip damage and he fireball damages the pump, tower and whatever units they play on defence! If you find yourself against a lava loon deck then it’s important to play in the same lane as your opponent and don’t let yourself end up at an elixir deficit.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game if you have already gotten their tower fairly low then you should focus on defence and play offensive miners when you can and chip away with good value spells. Remember the giant can act as a good meat shield especially for your minions if you rely on them for defence. If you have already taken a tower then I recommend apply light pressure in the opposite lane to force you opponent to split their elixir between defence and offence.

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