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clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In today’s video myself and Tobi SpiritHawk discuss this new Golem Deck which has recently had a buff in the latest balance changes. Because this deck doesn’t have an elixir collector you should play passively and build up a positive elixir lead. I recommend using the golem to kite troops away from your towers giving your towers and troops more time to shut down your push and this will also allow you to counter push. Don’t be afraid to take some small tower damage in order to gain an elixir lead which you can use to your advantage later in the game. You have to be smart with elixir and how you use the different mechanics of the cards you have in this deck. For example with the Tornado you can pull units like pekka, three musketeers, inferno dragon into the opposite lane making it harder for your opponent to defend your push. The baby dragon and tornado can synergies very cool well together just like the executioner Tornado decks. Check out the video to see some great replays of Tobi playing this deck against some extremely skilled players!

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Night Witch

Night witch is a great support card, playing her as early as possible before you start your golem push allows her to spawn more bats giving you more elixir value.


This guy should be used as a meat shield, he isn’t necessarily your win condition because you will rely on the support units to do most of the damage while this guy tanks all the damage. His death damage is capable of killing lower HP swarm units so don’t waste elixir on countering these units if the opponent plays them.


Lightening is a great card and you should alwasy play it when you get good value from your opponent. It can also one shot elixir collectors while damaging the towers or near by troops. It also works well if you hold onto it and use it as a surprise, this can completely shut down your opponents pushes.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon makes a great support card because it can splash any swarm units your opponent plays to defend against your golem push. Also if the opponent plays an elixir collector in front of their king tower then playing this card at the river in line with the pump will cause him to fly to the pump and get some chip damage.


This guy recently had a buff in the latest balance changes, he is a good card to use to kill tanks and he is also a good counter to the executioner and hunter which can both cause problems for this Golem Deck.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should try to find out what deck your opponent is playing by playing passively, defending lightly and making positive elixir trades. Try to keep track of their card cycle especially if they have hard counters like pekka, inferno dragon or inferno tower. Although you do have the lightening to reset the inferno units if your opponent is using them. The Tornado can offer a lot of value and you should try to activate your king tower early game, this will help make your defence stronger throughout the rest of the match. If your opponent has hogs, royal ghost, graveyard or goblin barrel, then activating the king tower will often mean you can ignore their push if you start to build a golem push towards the end of single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should try to cash in on the positive elixir trades you’ve been making and try to overwhelm your opponent and get that three crown victory. It’s important to practise so you can learn when to keep pressuring your opponent even after the golem is long gone. Remember to try and get good value with your spells even in double elixir! Try to kill their main defensive troops or at least reset their attack slowing them down. You can use the Tornado to pull units together so they go in the range of the golems death damage and the baby dragons firey breath! Goodluck running this deck everyone hope your have great success and please let me know how you guys get on!

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