Graveyard Ice Wizard Freeze Poison Cycle Deck | Clash Royale Deck After September Balance Changes
DaRealLegend posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Hey Folks ! We are back with a new guide for a "freeze yard" or "ice yard" deck ! Regardless of what the name is, this deck is incredibly fun to use. However, it's very important to mage your elixir carefully and not overextend and defend wisely and punish your opponents towers.

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One of the most dangerous win conditions in clash royale can either make or break your push. it is key to use the grave yard when you have enough support for it. You must also remember to not overextend and play more than 10 elixir on one sequence unless you built an elixir lead or you feel confident in disrupting your opponent's cycle or momentum.

Ice Wizard

The ice wizard is your most important support card in this deck and will do a great job defending against skarmies and minion hordes.


The freeze spell can be used as a support to your graveyard or as a defensive way to stop your opponents push. This will grant you an opportunity to further support your graveyard or defend against your opponent.

Early Stage Gameplan

Defend and create a strong counter push. Use your knight, mega minion and ice wizard to tear thru your opponents push. Once you pass the bridge, play your graveyard card if your count is less than 7. If you gained an elixir advantage earlier , play the freeze spell or poison after the graveyard. Play counter until 2x time.

Late Stage Gameplan

At this point your deck will truly cycle and you can and will use the poison to do chip and troop damage and the freeze for support or defense. The knight and ice wizard will create opportunities for you to advance and play the GY. Play safe and stack up troops to overwhelm with the GY at the right time.

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