Goblin Giant Night Witch Miner Deck | Clash Royale Goblin Giant Deck
DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Hey Folks ! With the release of a new clash royale card, it's always important to figure out what deck archetypes these cards would fit into or resemble. After experimenting with different Goblin Giant decks, his ideal fit is in this hybrid miner control, night witch beatdown deck and zap/fireball bait deck. This deck allows you to defend and bait your opponent and quickly setup a strong counter push,.

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Night Witch

The nightwitch is the perfect piece in a beatdown deck. With her quick attacks with the bats and her melee abilities, she is a walking counter attacker and plays a great role to support the spear goblins and goblin giant.


The miner in this deck can be used defensively to attack the princess and can also tank for the minion or minion hordes and bats.

Goblin Giant

The goblin giant is the tank in this deck and at 6 elixir it's best to only use him when the night witch is in your hand

Early Stage Gameplan

This deck is ideally used with a Goblin giant and night witch push. Once these two cards pass the bridge sneak in your miner. it's important to 1) pay attention to your opponents hand so you can bait out either the zap or fireball and also watch if the opponent attacks on the opposite lane. 2) spread out your troops and wait in between dropping cards to save elixir to defend. Patience is important and execution. You can ideally win the game with one goblin giant night witch push and defend your opponent if they decide to switch lanes.

Late Stage Gameplan

At 2x time support your GG & NW push and maximize on the elixir trade offs created with the minion hord and minions. They are key in breaking down tanks and rushing units.

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