#1 New Meta Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is absolutely dominating the new meta, the guards work great at countering the recently buffed prince which is currently everywhere. The prince is also a great card at taking down the opponents tanks along with the hunter. The dual win condition here, the giant and the miner, can take some practise to get used to. However if you’re Giant is struggling to break through their defence then this is the time you need to play your miner onto their tower to get chip damage. If your giants HP is low you can play the miner onto their tower and then zap to retarget the damage onto the miner to allow the giant to get more damage.

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This guy can get you great value in this deck, he is a good answer to an elixir collector and can also be used to snipe units like princess.


This card can be the MVP of almost any matchup. You need to find the right balance of where to place this card in order to get the maximum value. He is a solid counter to all tanks and his splash damage makes him great at helping take down swarm units.


Guards are a great defensive unit, they can be used to help distract single targeting units such as prince or pekka. If you time your placements correctly you can surround units such as royal ghost or executioner which means their splash damage can’t damage all three at once.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game miner can be a good opening play as long as you have the poison in your first five cards to support the miner if they place units like, goblins, minions or archers to defend the miner. Remember to try and figure out what deck your opponent is playing and then you can try to keep track of their counters to your win conditions.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to build up bigger pushes behind your giant to try and break through their defence if you haven’t already. If you’re ahead on elixir then you can split lane push with the giant down one lane and the miner down the other supported by the prince! If you did manage to take a tower early game then you should still apply pressure in the opposite lane while also defending. If it’s going to go to a two tower game then this deck is extremely strong as long as you defend efficiently and then use your surviving troops to counter push. Goodluck using this deck don’t forget to check out my video to see Star Light playing this deck on ladder!

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