#1 Giant Sparky Deck
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This Deck was used by VULKan in CRL NA to take down another pro player. The time frame for this battle starts 0:50 in my video. VULKan uses the sparky primarily as a defensive unit especially against the heavier tanks. She can offer a lot of value especially if the opponent plays their troops to close together allowing the sparky to take them out in a single blast. On offensive pushes the giant should be played in front to act as a meat shield for your supporting units. Once you’ve defended with this deck then that is when you should counter push. The giant shouldn’t be placed in the back to start a push because this will often result in the opponent rushing the opposite lane. So you should play the sparky in the back, then if they still rush the opposite lane you can use the giant to kite their units into the other lane and into the range of your charged up sparky. The bats and spear goblins both act as a zap bait cards which also synergies extremely well with the sparky because it means the opponent can’t reset the sparkys charge time.

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Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost is a great card and he is also incredibly strong. He’s a good card to use to apply light pressure to the opposite lane but his splash damage also makes him a great card to use to support your giant sparky pushes.


This card doesn’t get the love she deserves but VULKan proved that she can be incredibly useful even in the clash Royale league! As I said above she is a good defensive card and should be played before your giant when starting out a push. Try to protect her as much as you can. The only time you wouldn’t play her behind your towers is if the opponent has a rocket.


The card has stood the test of time and is still extremely reliable. He can be used to kite units away from your towers or across lanes and into the range of both towers and your sparky. He will be a meat shield for your sparky but you should also remember he is a reliable source if damage to chip away at the opponents towers so don’t waste him.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should play fairly passively until you know what your opponent is playing. You can cycle spear goblins at the bridge but be careful not to waste all your air units to early before you’re fully aware of what deck your opponent has. The Royal Ghost is also a good opening card to pressure your opponent with. If they play and elixir collector as their opening play then you’re going to need to go aggressive with the giant and some supporting units, hold onto the sparky and use her on defence to surprise your opponent.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to build up bigger pushes to try and take down your opponents towers. Don’t be afraid to keep applying pressure if you know you have a good elixir lead and the opponent is struggling to defend. If you have taken a tower already then use the sparky on defence and use smaller units to apply pressure on the other tower to force the. To split their elixir between defence and offensive. The fireball can offer a lot of value however always try to get tower chip damage along with damaging their units. Goodluck running this deck everyone!

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