New Miner Control Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

B-rad is back on my channel today showing us this incredibly strong new miner control deck. This is almost like a spell bait deck because of the rascals, tombstone and goblin gang. The inferno dragon is also a zap bait card which means you can punish them if they zap the inferno dragon. This is a fairly aggressive deck to play especially once you’ve baited out their small spell. When using this deck try to keep track of their spells and also the Royal Ghost if they’re using it. This will help you know when to pressure your opponent when their counters are out of hand. If the opponent is running a heavy tank deck then apply pressure in the opposite lane as soon as they play their tank. For defence play the tombstone in the opposite lane but high enough so it can still kite their units. Spread out your defensive troops to avoid giving them spell value. Against most other matchups you should defend then counter push with your miner onto their tower, just don’t over commit and go to aggressive early game.

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Miner is your main win condition and is a good card to use to pressure your opponent. He is also a good counter to an elixir collector but make sure you pressure the other lane or play the miner onto their tower then posion the pump to try and trick the opponent. When pressuring a lane play he miner towards the back of the tower to kite any defensive units back and allowing your supporting units to connect to their towers.

Inferno Dragon

This guy is you main tank killer but this card always demands a response from your opponent if it gets near their tower because it can simply destroy a tower if left unchecked!


This is a great defensive card against pretty much any deck you can go against. It’s great for kiting units like hog, prince, pekka, giant, golem or even balloons. This guys your towers and defensive units more time to take down their push.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best opening play for this deck is the tombstone. Early you don’t want to be over committing and going with a miner posion push unless your opponent offers you a lot of value with the troops they use to defend the miner. As with every game you play try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing as early as possible and then you can keep track of their counters. Try to make positive elixir trades by defending for as little elixir as possible.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to support your miner pushes more confidently. Make sure you try to maintain an elixir lead and only posion aggressively if the opponent gives you value by defending. Make sure you switch up your miner placements throughout the game to make it harder for the opponent to predict! Here’s the link to the video

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