#1 Golem Deck
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This deck has the wizard which is becoming increasingly popular on ladder. I used this deck on ladder and climbed around 300 trophies in around an hour. The basics of this deck are fairly straight forward, try and keep pumping up early game and making positive elixir trades. Golem decks are all about manufacturing a good elixir lead and then cashing in on that lead and over whelming your opponent. You can take some tower damage in exchange to help you gain that elixir lead, especially if you’re starting you golem push. All the support cards synergies very well and choosing which one to play will be determined by what defensive units your opponent has in hand. For example if they have minions then you should place the wizard or have arrows ready to go.

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Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon is one of two air counters in this deck so try to always have one of either the wizard or inferno dragon in cycle. This guy is also great for killing heavy units like lava hound, golem or giants! Also this is probably the last card your opponent wants locking onto their tower so can often force them to over spend on defence.


The lumberjack is a fast paced card and as well as been great on defence he is a good card to play in front of your push so when he dies he rages everything up.


The golem is your heavy tank and should mainly be used to tank damage for your other troops in your deck. His death damage can kill lower HP units so you don’t have to waste arrows on units like bats if the opponent uses them on a low HP golem.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play fairly passively and try to find out what deck your opponent is playing. Try to keep pumping up, even if they have a rocket because them using the rocket on the pump means they don’t have it to defend against your huge push. Early game you’re likely to be at a deficit especially going into double elixir however this deck becomes stronger the longer the game goes on which means you can often come back and even get a three crown victory. If the pump isn’t in your starting hand then defend efficiently try not to take too much damage until you can play the elixir pump. If you’re holdin off on playing the golem until later in the game then playing him around the 1:05 mark will mean you hit double elixir as he starts moving towards their towers.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can often come back from a one or even two tower deficit. Just make sure when you pump up you protect the pump and also make positive elixir trades on defence. Choose wisely which cards you use to support your golem based on the cards they have in their deck to defend your push. Once you have the opponent on the back foot then keep applying pressure and try to get that three crown win! Also if the opponent has lightening or fireball make sure you stagger your troops to avoid giving your opponent good spell value. Goodluck running this deck everyone here’s the link to my video! https://youtu.be/ajVnykkv4y4

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