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Hey Folks ! In this guide we discuss a pekka lightning control deck that works well in the current meta especially in Ladder matches. This deck includes the recently buffed lightning spell and takes advantage of the powerful and cheap cannon and pairs it with the amazing knight and musketeer. This deck can defend against many archetypes and allows you to easily defend and begin a strong offensive counter push.

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The PEKKA is such a powerhouse and threat to mega knights, giants, goblin giants and golems but the Pekka is also easily distracted and can be quickly broken down by minion hordes. It's important to always pair the pekka with the baby dragon or mega minion.

Baby Dragon

The baby dragon is super important in protecting the pekka from minion hordes, goblin gangs or skarmies. The baby dragon can also support your knight in single elixir time or tank for your musketeer


The lightning spell is incredible since its buff and is excellent to take out wizards, witches, executioners and do tower damage. The best time to use this spell is to attack two troops stacked near a tower or removing a group of three troops like three musketeers or even against an elixir collector and a tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir time defend appropriately and don't overextend. The knight, baby dragon and mega minion have decent enough hp to survive in a battle so it's best to use the knight or baby dragon as your tanks and support them with your mega minion or musketeer. Preferably one Air one ground unit to defend and use more cards accordingly. The cannon will be your hog defense and chip away at tanks and lastly can support your knight against e barbs. Defend and control the pace and only use the pekka if the opponent plays a mega knight or golem or against a surprise ebarb push. Once double elixir time starts, create pushes with your pekka as the tank.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time, lead the charge with the pekka and again support it with the baby dragon or mega minion. Afterwards, add units depending on the match flow. Opponents recently have been spllt lane pushing alot more so be prepared to defend and not over extend.

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