2.1 Bait Deck!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This is probably the fasted viable bait deck currently in the game! Just because this is a 2.1 elixir deck you shouldn’t just randomly spam troops at the bridge. You need to be more tactful on how and when you use your troops. Most of the time you will use your goblin barrel after successfully defending the opponents pushes. The dart goblin has fairly long range so you need to use this to your advantage and you should mainly use him on defence. The fire spirits can offer an insane amount of value on defence as well as offensive pushes. They will be your main counter to units like minions, bats, barbarians and goblins. If the opponent is running an elixir collector and they play it in front of their king tower you should use your goblin barrel and then use a prediction log on the pump. You can also use the ice golem at the bridge and then the barrel onto their tower if they pump up behind their tower. If they have a heavy beat down deck then apply pressure in the opposite lane when they place their tank but don’t over commit because you’ll need elixir for defence.

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The Log

Log can offer a lot of value and you should always try to get tower chip damage as well as taking down their units when choosing to play this card.

Goblin Barrel

This card is your main source of tower damage and you should take every good opportunity to apply pressure and get good tower damage with this card. It can be paired with ice spirit or ice golem which will allow the three goblins to get extra damage or force your opponent to spend more elixir defending if they don’t have log or arrows in cycle.

Ice Golem

The ice golem is a great card in this deck he can tank damage for your squishy units and he is also great at kiting units like pekka, princes or inferno dragon. He can also be paired with units like ice spirit or bats to stop them annoying troops likes minion hordes or three musketeers if they’re in range of your towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you will need to play fairly aggressive to start building up that chip damage which you require. Because this deck is only 2.1 elixir it can easily out cycle your opponent especially during the early stages of a match. Try to find out what spell your opponent is playing as early as possible and then keep track of that card. Once they use their main barrel counter is the time you can apply pressure. Remember to defend as efficiently as possible and spread out your troops to avoid giving them spell value then counter push after defending.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game if you let your opponent gain an elixir lead they will easily overwhelm your defence. Try to stack up units like dart goblin and bats but make sure you space them out. If you have already taken a tower then you should apply light pressure opposite lane to force the opponent to spend elixir defending. This is by no means an easy deck to play it requires a lot of patience to play and will definitely improve your overall game play.

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