OP Pekka Royal Hogs Deck!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck has been used over in CRL and it was successfully used to take out Surgical Goblin. I would say this is a very defensive deck especially with the Royal Ghost, magic archer and your spells. The skeletons can often be one of the most important units to help you make positive elixir trades. If you use them correctly you can surround units like ghost, sparky, magic archer and they can also stop charging units like prince or bandit from getting extra damage on your towers. In my opinion the best way to play this deck is to defend and then counter push with your royal hogs and have you surviving units there to support the royal hogs. Try to always get good spell value by damaging their troops and towers when and where you can. Log can be used to reset a units attack or stop a charging unit.

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Magic Archer

This card has a relatively low use rate but a high win rate which means it requires some skill to play successfully. It is a great support card but he is also vulnerable to fireball which means you shouldn’t place him to close to your towers or other units with similar HP. Placing him correctly can give you an insane amount of value especially if you can chip away at their tower while damaging their units.


This card should mainly used on defence to help stop tanks or even hog riders. It can help start a great counter push or can even allow you to apply pressure opposite lane with the royal hogs. She is easily kited which is why you need to gain value from her in defence before going aggressive.

Royal Hogs

These four cards will be your main source of tower damage in most matchups. If the opponent have fireball or Valkyrie then you need to wait until these units are out of rotation before apply pressure with these cards unless you can successfully split lane push. They can also be used to kite units buying yourself more time to defend their push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play fairly passively and make positive elixir trades on defence unitil you’re aware what units they have that can counter your royal hogs. For opening moves your often best waiting for the opponent to make the first play then you can split the hogs are the river and apply dual lane pressue. Forcing responses from your opponent can be a good technique too, you can do this by playing your magic archer in a good position or using the royal ghost to apply pressure at the bridge stopping them from saving up enough elixir to play their tank.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you should primarily defend and then counter push. However applying light pressure in the opposite lane to the one your opponent wants to push will force them to spend elixir defending rather than spending it all on offence. You can use units like the hogs or ghost to do this as long as their counters are out of cycle. You can also start to make prediction spell placements to support your pushes if you know your opponent will use units like tombstone or goblin gang to defend. Goodluck running this deck everyone!

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