New Meta Graveyard Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This variation of a graveyard deck is very defensive. You have the Tornado to active your king tower early game if you get the opportunity and you also have the tombstone to kite units like, golem, giant, pekka, prince or hog rider. The ice wizard is great to use on defence and if the opponent has a fairly large push then you can synergies the ice wizard and tornado to slow down their whole push. When you choose to play your graveyard you need to make sure you have either prince or mega minion tanking damage and allowing your skeletons to build up! You can use the ice wizard but he is often best saved for defence and then using him to counter push. You only have two air targeting units in this deck so if your opponent has a deck like lava loon make sure you always have one of these two in rotation. Against heavy beat down decks or decks with an elixir collector try to punish them in the opposite lane as soon as they place their tank. If they have an elixir collector punish them in the same lane and have posion ready incase they drop any units that will give you posion value! Remember to get the collector, tower and unit with the poison spell. If your opponent over commits on defence then apply pressure with the prince and graveyard. Just make sure you don’t over commit and spend too much elixir because it can be hard get take control of the match once your at a tower or elixir disadvantage.

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The graveyard is your main win condition. Check out the video to see the most optimal placement for this card on the opponents towers.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is a good unit to use on defence or the help support other units in your deck. He synergies very well with the Tornado and this card pretty much stop a lot of pushes you might face. His slow effect works well with the graveyard allowing more skeletons to build up and get more chip damage.


Prince is an extremely strong card and him and the ice wizard go well together at taking don’t heavy tanks. He also has a lot of counter push potential and will often force a response from your opponents.

Early Stage Gameplan

Good starting plays are either ice wizard in the back or a mega minion. Depending which spell your opponent is playing will depend how you play this deck. For example if they have lightening, rocket or fireball then you should wait until double elixir to get most of your damage with the graveyard. If they have posion you should play fairly aggressively early game and try to get the maximum amount of damage you can off their towers. Remember to try and work out what deck the opponent is playing as possible then you can try and keep track of their counters and punish them once they’re out of cycle.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game your probably going to have to be a lot more efficient on defence and choosing the right times to go aggressive with your win condition. Some matchups you will unlikely win if it goes to a two tower game just like tag said in the video so making smart plays will be the key to victory. Goodluck running this deck and check out the video to see some amazing game from SirTag!

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