#1 Goblin Giant Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Maybe one day the goblin giant will get the buff he deserves so until then why not get aquatinted with this green giant! This deck is kinda similar to the old school giant three spell deck, however it doesn’t have mine, The spear goblins on the giant goblins back can help take out swarm units or even take hundreds of HP of the opponents towers. The prince, night witch bats and the spear goblins all act as a zap bait card which allows you to punish the opponent if they use it. Because of the mechanics of the goblin giant he is a great unit to use to kite the opponents troops and also get small chip damage because of the spear goblins. Rolaporon plays this deck very cautiously and prefers to defend and then counter push or wait for the opponent to make a mistake before punishing them. The three spell element of this deck means to can use them to support your pushes and also to help defend against any pushes. I recommend always trying to chip away at their tower with the spells whenever you get a good opportunity to get good value.

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Night Witch

Night witch is a good card to play in the back and I recommend doing this rather than playing the Goblin giant. This is because she can have more time to spawn bats which can force a zap from the opponent.


Bandit and prince give you a bridge spam element to the deck which means you can easily punish the opponent if they over commit. You can use you spells to support these cards and hopefully allow them to connect to their tower. The bandit can also dash over the bridge and she can also stop a charging prince without taking and damage herself.


Prince is very strong at the moment and this makes his a great unit to use to help take down tanks like golem or giant.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I’d recommend waiting for the opponent to make the first move, however you could cycle zap or log on their tower to see if they respond. Try to figure out what deck they’re playing as early as possible while making positive elixir trades. Games will most likely go into double elixir but if the opponent plays high elixir cards I would pressure the opposite lane while saving some elixir to defend their push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you will need to defend and build up a good counter push. If you’re struggling to break through their defence then try to split lane push when you know your opponent is low on elixir. Remember to use the spells. They can be the key to victory especially if you know what your opponent has in their hand and you make a good prediction play shutting down their defence. Make sure to check out my video to see a pro playing this deck and myself attempting to play this deck! Take care guys!

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