1.9 Cycle Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Recently on my Twitter page @CWA I set an impossible challenge for anyone to get 12 wins using a 1.9 elixir cycle deck. However Wen was the only player to do the impossible and go 12-0 using this deck. This is by no means an easy or straight forward deck to play. It really takes you down to the micro details of the games and teaches you how to cycle efficiently and how to kite units. You have to identify your opponents win condition as early as possible and ensure you have enough elixir or the right cards ready to help take their win condition down. Splash units can prove extremely tricky for you so learn the right placements to help distract units will be key. Wen also isn’t afraid of switching lanes in order to keep that pressure applied to the opponent and force them to spend elixir defending. The miner, log and zap are your only direct damage cards so wherever possible try to get chip damage with these cards. Check out the video to see some truly amazing game play against 20 game winners.

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The Log

Log can offer a lot of value whether you use it to predict troops to support your miner or you’ve use it defensively while also getting tower chip damage. It can reset charging units like prince or battle ram and also rests a units attack like hog rider or musketeer.


The miner is no doubt your win condition in this deck. Because of the pace of this deck too you can afford to keep cycling him against the opponents towers as long as they don’t have a large push heading your way. If you watch the replays in my video Wen will often play this card behind the princess tower, this will pull and defensive units back allowing any support cards you play at the bridge to connect to the opponents tower getting extra chip damage. He is also a good card to play against an elixir collector but make sure you use other units to pressure to force your opponent to choose to defend either their tower or their pump.

Ice Golem

Ice Golem is probably the most important defensive unit in this deck. He is great to use as a meat shield to buy yourself more time to allow your towers and cycle cards to shut down their push. Always try to defend while their units are on your side of the arena this will allow your towers to help out. He is also a good card to use to kite units like, pekka, Royal Ghost, princes and inferno dragons. He can also tank tower damage for the miner allowing the miner to get some small but vital extra damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

The majority of game will go deep into over time however things you do now will definitely help you win the match later in the game. Try to acquire as much chip damage as possible while defending efficiently and taking as little damage as possible. You should find out what the opponents win conditions are and what cards they have to counter you deck. You can also split your damage if you need to make your opponent spend elixir in both lanes.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is where your going to win the match, you still need to keep chipping away at their towers in every way possible while defending. You need to be patient with this deck because your matches are likely to be around 5 minuets in length. Wen will use the ice golem at the bridge and then the miner, you can then use the zap to retarget the tower onto the miner to also allow the ice golem to get chip damage on their tower. During the later stages of he game Wen almost always uses support cards to apply pressure with the miner. Check out the video to see how wen handles some extremely tricky matchups with this deck.

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