#1 X-Bow Right Now!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Xbow is a longstanding win condition and it synergies great in this deck. Make sure you check out the video to see Karnage go head to head against some extremely tricky matchups and I will explain how to handle these decks. This deck has a lot of units which can easily support the xbow, sometimes you’re best of defending then using the xbow as your troops approach the bridge. Tornado ice wizard Is the best defensive option in this game and can easily give you a huge elixir lead which will help you win the game. Once their tower is low enough you simply just defend for the rest of the match and spell cycle when and where you can! Against beat down decks you shouldn’t go to aggressive you need to play passively and build an elixir lead, you can play an offensive xbow if they place their tank behind their tower.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is in my opinion the best defensive card in the entire game especially if you pair it with Tornado. He will make a great support unit to play behind your xbow to try and help you get that lock onto the opponents tower.


This card is you main win condition and usually all you need I need one solid lock onto the opponents tower before you can simply spell cycle to end the game. You can also use this card defensively you kite units and to help shut down their pushes. Check out the placements in the video to see the most optimal offensive positions you can use. If you know your opponent doesn’t have a good counter in cycle then support the xbow and try to get that lock onto their tower.


This high skill cap card can be used to pull units out of the range of your xbow to allow it to lock onto their tower. It


This heavy spell is a great counter to an elixir collector. You can also use it along side the Tornado to pull units together as you rocket. Just make sure you’re taking out 9 or more elixir if you make this play. If he opponent gives you value by playing a high elixir troop next to their towers then go ahead and rocket it.

Early Stage Gameplan

You’re often best trying to get that lock early game especially if the opponent has a zap which can easily retarget the damage. Try to figure out what cards your opponent has which can easily distract the xbow. Try to use the Tornado early game to activate your as early as possible this will help you defend throughout the rest of the match.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should keep applying pressure to try and get that xbow lock if you haven’t already. If their tower is already fairly low on HP then you can easily spell cycle to win the game. If they have taken a tower then you want to play in the lane where you still have a tower standing, this is to prevent them dropping units directly on top of your xbow.

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