Fast Bait Cycle!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today I’m joined by a long time friend, Trevor who has been dominating ladder with this prince bait deck. This deck has an extremely fast cycle so it’s easy to keep the pressure on your opponent while having enough elixir to defend their counter pushes. The prince is a great unit to defend against those heavier unit and it also has counter push potential so sometimes it’s better to use the prince than a fireball or Tornado. The princess and dart goblin both have a long range which means you can use them to target units from a distance while using your cycle cards to distract them. You will in most circumstances be able to out cycle the opponents counter to the barrel so keep applying that pressure especially if you need to keep cycling a unit. You never want to leak elixir so cycling units will often be key to victory! Whenever possible you should try and get spell value with the fireball, whether you Tornado three musketeers close to a tower then fireball or you fireball a pump while also hitting their tower. That couple of hundred damage can be the difference between winning and losing.

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Princess is a key card in anybait deck. Try to protect her and keep her alive to give you as much value from her as possible. She synergies extremely well with the Tornado and can help stop pushes that would have otherwise broken through your defence. Don’t be aggressive with her and play her at the bridge unless it’s late game and you only need a few hundred damage to win. You’re often best using her long range to your advantage and playing her in the opposite lane to the one your opponent is pushing to prevent them getting any spell value against her.


This card is great and if played will easily help you win a lot matchups. You should try and activate you king tower early game to give you an advantage. This card is also great at pulling three musketeers into the same which you can then fireball for a two elixir positive trade. You should also use this card to pull golems back from your tower just before they die too prevent their death damage.

Goblin Barrel

This spell card is great to use to apply pressure to your opponent and often force them to use their log or even a fireball. When you first play this card play it on outside corner (anti-tornado position) just incase they try to activate their king tower which will give them an advantage for the rest of the match. It is also a good card to play on an elixir collector especially if you support it with an ice spirit at the bridge to tank some tower damage. You mainly want to use this card when you’re counter pushing and you know your opponents log is out of rotation and you have a unit which will tank tower damage just crossing the bridge.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early games with this deck don’t be afraid to make the first play, you can play the goblin barrel in the safe spot, cycle ice spirit or even dart goblin at the bridge. Princess should be playing behind your king tower if you choose to play her first. Try to figure out the deck your opponent is using as early as you can this will help you know what cards you need to have in rotation to help defend against their pushes. This deck cycles very quickly even in the early stages of the game you can easily defend at an elixir deficit so if the opponent plays a heavy tank then apply pressure in the opposite lane to force them to spend elixir on defending.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you will be able to start stacking up princess’ to help out on defence. Make sure you space them out so they won’t die to a single log. You should by now know what your opponent is playing so you will know which cards to save for defence and which cards you can use offensively. However because of the speed of this deck you would be easily be able to cycle back to the unit you need. Goodluck running this deck I hope you has as much luck as Trevor in the final few days of this season!

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