Mega Knight Loon Deck!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Kanario currently has an amazing win rate in CRL Europe and this is currently his favourite deck! Balloon decks are great fun to play but you need to have a good awareness of what cards your opponent has in cycle and what they will use to defend your push. You should try and time it right when they’re either low on elixir or they don’t have a solid counter in rotation before you go aggressive and apply pressure with the balloon. You don’t have much direct damage so you will often rely on the balloon death damage and miner chip damage unless you make a solid connection to their tower. Ice golem is also a good card to use to tank any damage for the balloon. He can also be used to kite units or pair him with a zap to kill a minion horde. This deck works very well on defence and will often allow you to counter push providing you save enough elixir to play the balloon. Also you will sometimes be required to play defence by playing offensively, this can result in a tower trade or it can force you opponent to spend elixir defending rather than committing all their elixir to one lane. Check out my video to see how he handles some of the most tricky match ups in the game including lava-loon deck!

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Mega Knight

Mega knight is a great heavy unit and can be fairly difficult for your opponent to counter. He is a good counter to use against royal hogs and other grouped units or units. He can offer a lot of value while also tanking damage for your other supporting units. He shouldn’t be used as your first card unless your opponent applies pressure and you need to use him on defence.


Miner is an extremely versatile card can can be used in many different ways. He’s great to use to attack an elixir pump. Also if your opponent has a princess you should use him to snipe the princess because if you allow them to stack up princess’ then they’re going to get a lot of value when you play your balloon. He’s also good to use as a tank for the balloon and you can pair him with the zap to retarget tower damage if required.

Inferno Dragon

This decks weakness is probably against decks which have pekka. So this card can help support the mega knight especially if you know they have the pekka in cycle. This card is also key against beat down decks which are fairly common in the current meta.

Early Stage Gameplan

I said above that you should only play the balloon in certain circumstances and the opening move is definitely one of them according to Kanario who likes to apply pressure straight away to see how the opponent reacts. This is also beneficial because sometimes they don’t have a solid air defence in their starting hand which means you can take a tower fairly early. He pairs his balloon pushes the miner in most situations. Assess your opponent and keep track of their card cycles. If you don’t have another option to play then apply pressure with the balloon because it will often result in you gaining death damage which also damages their defensive units.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can often defend and build up a large counter push. You can also split lane push if you can counter push one lane and play balloon in the opposite lane. If you only require a few hundred damage to win the match then you can rely on the miner and zap to take down their tower. You can also use more of your cycle units to help support the balloon and remember the use the zap to retarget tower damage if required! Goodluck if you choose to play this deck don’t forget to check out the video to see gameplay!

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