*New Meta* 2.6 Miner Posion!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck that Tag is showing us today on my channel will be even stronger now the balance changes have come into effect. You effectively have two win conditions, the miner and the skeleton barrel. The bats also fit well in this deck because they act as a zap bait card for the skeleton barrel. You can easily apply pressure with the miner paired with either bats or the skeleton barrel. Playing the miner behind their tower is often the best thing to do because it kites their defensive units behind their tower allowing the skeletons or bats to lock onto their tower. A lot of people play the posion too aggressively in these kind of decks. What you should do is have the posion ready to play if the opponent offers you good value when you pressure their tower, for example if they play an electro wizard or a minion horde. Tornado is another amazing card which can easily help you win a match by helping you gain an elixir lead. For example activating your king tower means you need to spend less elixir on defence for the rest of the game or using it to kite three musketeers into one lane and then playing posion gives you a 2 elixir lead. It can also be used to pull units back that do death damage including balloon, golem or giant skeleton. It can also kill small units like bats and skeletons. You can also play this card behind your king tower if the opponent uses a goblin barrel to deny all damage as long as your king tower is already activated. Cycling units like ice spirit or bats can help you get back to other cards you need however try not to just waste these cards because you’ll be just throwing away elixir, use them to apply pressure while also cycling to the cards you need. Applying opposite lane pressure against beat down archetypes can be crucial especially if you successfully force your opponent to spend elixir defending and stopping them supporting their push.

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Ice Wizard

With this guys most recent buff he has become even stronger and more viable to use on ladder or in challenges! He is a great defensive units and he synergies extremely well with the Tornado.


Miner is your mini tank and also a key source of tower damage in this deck! If the opponent has an elixir pump you can play him onto their tower and posion the pump/tower. The opponent will often play troops defend which will die in the posion while also taking away 4 elixir from their pump. You can also use him defensively if needed especially to keep you ice wizard alive. He is a good card to use kill a princess and you can also support him with bats or ice spirit to try and bait out that zap.

Ice Golem

This cool dude is another mini tank which can be used to tank damage for the bats or skeleton barrel if your miner is out of cycle. He can be a better card to use if your opponent has bats because they will die to his death damage. If you use him on defence then he works great at kiting units into the opposite lane while your princess towers chip away at their HP.

Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton barrel in my opinion is a fairly underrated card and can be easily underrated for the damage it can do to a tower. For only three elixir can apply pressure. In most situations you should play his card fairly aggressively because if they zap you can quickly cycle back to miner and then use bats to support!

Early Stage Gameplan

Tag usually prefers to split bats including in the back as his first play because most opponents will respond to this even though they won’t reach their tower. You can alternatively play the skeleton barrel and see what counter your opponent has. When you first play your miner make your he’s placed on the outside corner (anti Tornado position) to avoid them activating their king tower. Try to keep track of their counters and punish them when you can. Take all the posion value you can and remember to activate your king tower as early as possible if you can.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to support your pushes more and use posion to predictively support the miner if you know what card you opponent is likely to play next. Because of the two mini tanks you can easily split lane push, try to trick your opponent into thinking your going allout down a single lane then drop troops like ice golem bats once they’ve over committed on defence. If you only require a few hundred HP you win you can simple defend and spell cycle your opponent. Goodluck running this deck check out the video in the link above to see live game from SirTag using this deck.

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