DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Hey folks ! We're back with a Golem beatdown deck that pairs it up with it's best support cards and the recently buffed ice wizard. By this point we all can agree that the night witch excels in golem beatdown decks, so combine that with two powerful air units and you can control the pace of the match by countering many card types. Now add in the tornado and the ice wizard and you are causing havoc against minion hordes, skarmies, goblin gangs and slowing down high damage units that can counter the golem which will give your night witch and mega minion more time to support the pekka.

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Night Witch

The night witch will be played with the Golem and will be your counter against bridge spam units that try to punish your golem push.

Ice Wizard

The ice wizard will slow down high damage or rushing units and buy you more time to defend or protect your golem. works amazing with a tornado pull and works wonders when doing splash damage with the baby dragon.

Mega Minion

The mega minion pairs so well with the night witch and it's important to use in the golem push. Defends well against miner and slow moving tanky units.

Early Stage Gameplan

This is one of the few golem decks that don't require a pump or a delay on playing the golem. Once you have the golem and night witch or mega minion in your card lineup start your push. Golem in the back and the rest of your units to attack and support. If your opponent decides to switch lanes or bridge spam don't be afraid to not defend if you are confident you won t lose the tower. If you're worried about the tower damage a golem night witch push is sufficient enough for you to defend the other lane with the ice wizard or mega minion until you can rotate back to another unit like the baby dragon or night witch which can be used for your golem push.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time, aggressively play the golem and stack your support cards unless your opponent has heavy spells then play strategically to bait out those spells and then stack.

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