Giant Sparky Best Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In today’s video I’m showing you gameplay from asuchini who in my opinion is one of the best sparky players in the world and he even finished inside the top 200 with this deck last season! This deck has a fairly high spell bait element, the skarmy, minion horde and goblin barrel can all be used to bait out a zap spell or even a fire ball or log which can be used to reset or retarget your sparky. The giant should be used to tank damage for the sparky or the goblin barrel, both of these cards can be used to get a lot of value from if you know your opponents counters are out of hand. Asuchini will defend and then counter push playing a giant to tank his counter push units. He also applies pressure with the goblin barrel if he needs to cya card or wants to force the opponent to use a unit once defence. Check out my video to see how the pro handles some of the more difficult matchups you might run into while using this deck.

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This girl can offer a lot of value especially if they opponent doesn’t have a hard counter like zap or ewiz which will reset her. Try to bait out their counters to make it more difficult for them to defend, the giant is the main tank for her but skarmy can also be used.

Goblin Barrel

This is a a great card to use to pressure your opponent either in the opposite lane or same lane to force them to defend especially if you have a unit tanking tower damage.


The giant isn’t just an offensive card, you can use him to kite or distract units allowing your towers and support units to shut down their push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to find out what counters your opponent has for the sparky. Sometimes it’s best holding onto the sparky and not playing her until double elixir unless your opponent is playing fairly aggressively. However if you do start out a giant sparky push either in single or double elixir it’s best to play the sparky first then the giant as she gets closer to the river. (Just don’t play the sparky close to the tower if they have lightening or rocket) punish your opponent if they make a mistake or over commit, if they play a pump you can apply pressure with the giant or goblin barrel.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to build up bigger and stronger pushes to support he giant and play more units to help protect the sparky. If your opponent has been predictable with their defence then you can use your spells to start making prediction plays. It can sometimes be a good option to tower trade and if your units have enough HP you can even push for the three crown. Space out your zappable units to avoid giving the opponent good spell value!

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