Hog ExeNado!!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is mainly a ladder deck and it is also free to play friendly because you can simply swap the log out for the zap, barbarian barrel or even the snowball. Your main source of chip damage is going to be the hog rider, he is a good card to apply pressure and force a reaction from your opponent. You have a lot of defensive troops in this deck that are capable of handling extremely strong pushes. So play smart on offence is they key to victory. You can either counter push with your defensive troops or wait until their counters are out of cycle and then apply pressure with the hog at the bridge. Pairing him with units like ice spirit or goblins and help get extra chip damage or even placing him behind a knight will mean the tower will target the knight allowing the hog to get extra damage. If you find yourself playing a graveyard player you should try to stop their tanking unit from crossing the bridge and this will mean your tower will take out most of the spawning skeletons alone, unless they’re running freeze. If your against a beat down player then apply pressure opposite lane when they play their tank and save the Tornado to pull units together and you can synergies this with executioner or rocket. Against bait or bridge spam players try to activate your king tower as early as possible, you should defend and then counter push against these decks ideally in the same lane. Against lavaloon players you should apply opposite lane pressure with the hog as soon and they drop their hound. Save the exenado combo for defence and if you have to use the rocket on the balloon and other support troops.

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Tornado should mainly be used along side the executioner on defence but it can also be used to activate your king tower or pull three musketeers into one lane to make it easier for you to defend. If your opponent has, goblin barrel, ghost, graveyard or hogs it is fairly easy to activate your king tower and any opportunity to do this early game should be taken.


Rocket is a great card and can offer you a lot of value while also getting a lot of HP off the opponents towers. During single elixir time you should aim to take any 4+ trades while also getting tower damage. Unless they have elixir collector or sparky then you should save the rocket to take out these cards.

Hog Rider

The Hog rider is your main win condition and you have lots of cards to help support him including knight, goblins, ice spirit and even log if they have units like skeleton army or goblin gang. If the opponent plays an elixir collector in front of their king tower you can play him at the river and he will head towards the pump, you should pair this with log to predict any defensive units they might play.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game our pro player likes to wait for the opponent to make the first move, once they commit you can either apply pressure with the hog or play defensive and try to gain an elixir lead. Take any rocket value you get where you can chip away at their tower during the early stages of the game. When you know your our opponent is starting to build up to a push then apply pressure with the hog to try and stop them been able to play the game how they want to. As with every match make positive trades and try to track their counters and punish them if they over commit.

Late Stage Gameplan

Be careful not to get to a cycle happy towards the end of the game, keep applying pressure with the hog until their tower is in log plus rocket range. Defensive sequences can be fairly important and sometimes you’ll only get one hog swing per push so play patient and smart. Goodluck using this everyone!

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