New Splashyard!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This new version of the splash yard deck brought to my channel by Carter has been used in CRL and it offers a lot of control over the opponent. Try to figure out what your opponent is playing and what cards they have that counter your graveyard such as posion or archers. This deck is best played by defending and keeping your units alive and then counter pushing when you get a good opportunity. Use your spells wisely especially early game, try to always get good value by damaging units and towers when using them. When playing against different archetypes you will need to change the way you play this deck. If you’re in a mirror matchup or against another graveyard user, you will play very aggressively, try to win the battles at the bridge and get that’s chip damage throughout the match. Against bridge spam, bait, and giant beat down decks you should play patiently and wait for a good opportunity to counter push, most of these matchups will go into over time and you might not play the graveyard until double elixir. Lavahound decks can be fairly tricky for a graveyard player but if you play smart and apply pressure opposite lane when they play their hound. Use the ice wizard, baby dragon on defence and support with the tombstone and tornado to pull their units away from your towers. With the Royal giant or a siege decks use the tombstone to tank and use the knight to attack. You will rely on strong counter pushes to win. Goodluck if you choose to run this deck! Check out the video to see live game play and to pick up some great tips on the best card placements.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard should be played to help out on defence and then used to support your counter push. He is fairly fragile to make sure you don’t play him to close to your other units where your opponent can get good spell value. He synergies well with the Tornado and you can use knight to tank some damage to help keep this guy alive.


Knight is a key card to use to help support your graveyard pushes. He works well to tank tower damage allow the skeletons to build up. He’s also great on defence and has the potential to turn into a counter push.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon has always worked well in graveyard decks because if the opponent has bats, minion or goblins to defend the graveyard then this card is just going to destroy them allowing you to get a lot more damage on their towers. He will also be key to use against air decks along side the ice wizard and tornado combo.

Early Stage Gameplan

Tombstone is the best opening move however you should wait a few seconds to see if the opponent makes they first move. You can also play the ice wizard in the back providing you can see your baby dragon in hand incase you need to use it on defence. In most situations you should play passively and build up a good elixir lead and take any counter push opportunities you get. If they play their posion or other counters then punish them by applying pressure either same lane or opposite lane. Don’t over commit to early in the game, only posion if they give you value by playing a card like minions, ewiz or even archers. Use the Tornado wisely and try to activate your king tower fairly early in the game to aid your defence for the rest of the match!

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is usually the time you can start to play the graveyard if you haven’t already. Majority of the time. You don’t win of a single push, you will often rely on three or four pushes to win. In overtime you can play more aggressive and even pull units close to the opponents towers to allow the baby dragon to get splash damage. You can make prediction spell placements but give it a second or to before using the posion to support the graveyard because the opponent will be expecting you to place it.

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