Expensive 7.0 Elixir Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

I recently brought back the impossible challenge to the community and challenged you all to get 12 wins in a grand challenge using a 7.0 deck. After around 13 hours of all the top pros trying, xopxsam finally completed this challenge using the deck created by Carter_CR. This deck is all about surviving until single elixir and then building a gigantic push and destroying your opponent during double elixir. Start out slow, it will be hard to make positive elixir trades so you need to force your opponent to respond to your defensive units by split lane pushing with the musketeers and royal Recruits when you can and taking advantage of any counter push potential you have. You will often have to use the golem to tank damage for you towers even though you know he will die. The wizard and barbarian hut are you two main defensive units you should keep trying to stack up! The barb hut is incredibly tanky and the spawning barbs can help stop the opponents pushes. Another thing is that you shouldn’t be afraid to take damage on your tower because it’s simply impossible to defend every single interaction from your opponent while using this deck. You need to be clever and keep track of your opponents cards and have your units ready to counter theirs, for example if they have minion horde you need to have wizard ready to support your push. Basically survive until double elixir, defend and then counter push. This is how you will win with this deck.

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Mega Knight

Because of all the Royale hogs you can face in a grand challenge at the moment this card is great at stopping them and he also has a good counter push potential. He’s also great at stopping all your mid range HP units such as wizards, musketeers.


Sparky can offer you a lot of value especially if you use her on defence and turn her into a counter push because she demands a response from your opponents. She is also a great support unit to place behind your golem or mega knight.


Golem is your main tank and is great to use to either kite troops away or distract them from locking onto your princess towers. Try to support him as much as possible during double elixir because you can easily three crown your opponent if you get a good elixir lead. I wouldn’t ever play this card behind your tower because your opponent will just rush the opposite lane! You need to play him at the bridge if your going on a counter push.


Lightening can offer a lot value however because of the style of this deck you need to make sure you’re taking out at least 6 elixir worth of units to get good value and help you win a match. You can also use it against elixir collectors for an even trade while also getting tower damage. If you know you have an elixir lead and a large push you can use it to reset units like inferno dragon or inferno tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game there isn’t much you can do with this deck besides defend as efficiently as possible and try to survive until double elixir. Don’t make the first play, ideally neither of you will make a move until double elixir however very few opponents do this. Try to find out what your opponent is playing and don’t play a heavy card if they can easily rush you. Try to keep playing barb hut when you can and wizard is probably you best defensive option.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the time you can really start to make some moves with this deck! However you still need to be cautious, defend then counter push. You can easily apply dual lane pressure with this deck and make it harder for you opponent to defend. I wish you all good luck if you fancy trying out this deck and if you want a go at my next impossible challenge follow me on Twitter @CWA .

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