Strong Off Meta Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

DenisitoProx is on my channel today with this crazy deck that he is currently using at the top of ladder. Off meta decks that actually work appeal to a lot of people because it can be hard for your opponent to figure out what deck you’re running which gives you an advantage. This deck works well on defence, the wizard should be played further back and you can then use the knight or giant skeleton to tank for the wizard. The skeleton army is great at taking down tanks like golem, giant or even a pekka. This deck is great against best down because the giant skeletons death damage can take out the opponents support troops and you can also pair it with Tornado to pull them in the range of his bomb. Your main offensive pushes will involve your hog rider because he is great to apply pressure at the bridge. You should also take advantage of any counter potential you get, playing cards like giant skeleton of defence with give you more counter push potential against your opponent.

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Hog Rider

Hog rider is your main win condition and unless you ge the giant skeleton to their tower he will be your main source of tower damage. If the opponent plays a central elixir collector you can play the hog at the river and he will head for the pump, it’s best to support him with a log because the opponent will most likely defend with a cheap swarm unit. He is best played behind a tank such as knight or giant will allow hi, to get more chip damage. Have your spells ready to support the hog if he’s heading to their tower but only use them, especially early game, if your opponent give you good value where you can damage their tower and take out their units.


Tornado can offer you a lot of value in this deck especially if you synergies it with the giant skeleton bomb or the splash damage of the wizard. You can also use it on units to pull them away from your towers such as balloon or even a goblin barrel.


Fireball is your heavy spell so you should use it wisely and always try to get good value. If your against three musketeers you can pull them into one lane then use the fireball while also hitting the tower (if possible) for a 2 elixir positive trade.

Early Stage Gameplan

You can start out the match with a hog rider however I prefer to wait around 10 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first move. Try to use the Tornado to activate your king tower to help you out on defence throughout the rest of the match. As with most decks you shouldn’t go to aggressive early game unless your opponent has made a mistake which you can take advantage of.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to support your counter pushes more or even split lane push. You should now know now what your opponent is playing you can start to make prediction spell placements if you know what their card cycle is. You might be required to go fairly aggressive towards the end of a match if your struggling to break through and can’t afford to allow your opponent to get any more damage on your towers. Make sure you check out the video to see how to handle some of the more difficult matchups you might face!

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