New Meta Miner Control!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

IAmJP modified this deck from the graveyard deck that you have probably versed it on ladder. This is also capable of handling any archetype in he game. You should play this with a defensive mind set, use the full time of the match to your advantage, you should wait for your opponent to make a mistake before apply a lot of pressure or take advantage of your counter pushes. Your opponent will find it difficult to get to your tower because you have the tombstone and tornado to pull troops away and the ice wizard and baby dragon to help on defence. Against golem decks don’t play the tombstone too early because you will just simply be throwing away three elixir and giving your opponent an opening for a golem push. If you’re playing against a lava hound then you have lots of defensive options so just take advantage of heir low elixir and miner the opposite lane and you can support with a barb barrel. The canon cart has fairly long range which you can use to your advantage and it can also be played in the pocket during over time if it’s goign to be a two tower game.

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Miner is our win condition in this deck. You can use him to counter elixir collectors and he is even good to use to snipe princess, magic archer or even a musketeer.

Ice Wizard

As you’ll be away ice wizard is everywhere and pairing him with Tornado on defence works extremely well at helping defend almost any push your opponent might have.

Barbarian Barrel

Barbarian barrel has become very popular especially at tournament level stand. It can be used defensively against swarm units like goblins barrel, goblin gang and skeleton army. You can also play it so it will role past your troops and tank tower damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

During the first two minuets of the game your should play fairly passively by just defending and counter pushing when you can. If you like to make the first move then this is the deck for you because it is so defensive. The tombstone, ice wizard or miner is the best opening play but make sure you place him in the anti Tornado position to avoid the opponent activating their king tower. Try to use your own Tornado to activate your king tower too because this will help you defend more efficiently throughout the rest of the match. IAmJP doesn’t go to aggressive until he knows what the opponent is playing and he knows what their card cycle is,

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can now start to go more aggressive with the miner and try to aquaire more chip damage, try to take advantage of your counter pushes and support them. If your opponent gives you spell value by playing troop to defend your miner then use the poison to chip away at the tower while also damaging their troops. Make sure you check out he video to see IAmJP go against some pros at the top of ladder.

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