#1 Off Meta Golem Clone Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

The Golem Clone God, ahh crappp, is back on my channel today with this deck that he has been using to climb towards the top of ladder. You should play this deck just like a regular golem deck, defending until double elixir unless the opponent over defends or wastes their win condition which would allow you to go aggressive. The goblin hut is a good card to use to bait out the posion which is deadly to your golem clone pushes. The ideal push to have is lumberjack close to dying, the golem near the tower along with your support units behind, this is the best time to play your golem spell providing they don’t have a hard counter like posion or Tornado in cycle. Try to make sure that as many units as possible are in the radius of the clone, and if the golem is near the tower then you will get double death damage value. Against decks that can easily rush your tower you should play your support troops first and then play the golem at the bridge to avoid them rushing your towers. The close doesn’t always have to be used on a “huge” push, if you know they don’t have a spell that can counter the clone or a splash troop in cycle then you can clone smaller pushes like night witch mega minion.

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Night Witch

Night witch is the number one card you can choose to play alongside the golem. Her spawning bats synergies great and can quickly stack up and take out any defensive troops your opponent plays unless they respond to them. When starting a golem push you should play her first behind your towers to prevent the opponent rushing the opposite side and it also allows her more time to spawn her bats.


This guy is your main meat shield and will tank damage for all the supporting troops you play. He can also be used defensively especially if you want to kite a unit it pekka or prince away from your towers. With the correct placement you can kite units into the opposite lane too. This card also has good death damage which can take out bats, skeletons and spear goblins while leaving units like minions and stab goblins with a slither of HP.

Goblin Hut

The goblin hut it a good card to use to bait out the opponents fireball or posion which can stop you using your clone spell if you know they have it in cycle. The spawning goblins make grest support units to have behind the golem on your push. This building can also kite units like hogs and giants allowing you more time to defend and then counter push with the surviving units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Every match you should start out by trying to find out what deck your opponent is playing and what potential counters they have for your win condition. Try to activate your king tower early in the game to help out on defence throughout the rest of the match. Remember not to play the golem behind your king tower unless you know you have a good elixir lead or they’ve just placed a golem too. The goblin hut is a good opening move or you can even play the mega minion.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the perfect time to play your clone spell. You should save it to use to surprise your opponent and try to catch them off guard without a in cycle. If you know your going to take a tower then you can keep applying pressure either in the same lane or split lane, if they have a splash spell of unit in cycle, to try and end the game early with a three crown victory. Try to keep stacking up the goblin huts to bait out their spells while chipping away at their tower with the goblins. Make sure you guys checkout my video to see some LIVE ladder game play of Ahh Crap using this deck!

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