Best 3 Card Combo!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

The ice wizard, tombstone and tornado is seen inside almost every deck combination going around in the meta. These three cards synergies extremely well on defence and makes it almost impossible for your opponents to break through your defence and it also allows you to counter push if you can play a golem at the bridge during double elixir. Even if you can’t play a golem in time during in single elixir you could play the barbarian barrel to tank some tower damage. Ice wizard can now one shot skeletons which means you can counter graveyard which is prevalent in this meta. The tombstone can kite hogs and other heavy units buying you more time to stop their push. The Tornado can be used to activate king tower and pull units together to allow the ice wizards freeze effect to affect their whole push. The very basics of this deck is pretty much the same as every golem deck. You will sometimes need to take some tower damage so you have more elixir to support your golem pushes, you have the zap to reset units if needed. You’re best playing defensively and countering pushing when you get the opportunity.

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Night Witch

Night witch is a great support card for the golem, she should be played firs to allow her time to spawn more bats which can help protect the golem or even force a spell from your opponent.

Baby Dragon

The baby dragon is kind of the fourth card that can work very well with the other three cards especially Tornado and ice wizard. It’s also a fairly tanky unit and if the opponent plays an elixir collector in front of their king tower then play this card directly opposite the pump at the river and the baby D will head towards their pump.


This guy is your main since condition but you shouldn’t just rely on him for tower damage, most of your damage will come from your support troops, you can also use the Tornado to pull their units into he range of the golems death damage. If your tombstone isn’t in cycle then you can use the golem to kite units like, pekka, prince or Royale ghost into the opposite lane and away from your towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I would focus on defence and assess what deck your opponent is playing and what cards they have to counter you. Try to survive until double elixir but if you know they make a mistake or you have a large elixir lead then go head and start a golem push. (You can play golem in the back if you know you have an elixir advantage) use the three card combo to help aid your offensive pushes and the tombstone and be used to kite any units your opponent tries to rush you with.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game I would still focus on defending before you go aggressive purely because of the elixir lead you can gain from playing smart on defence using the three cards which will help you then overwhelm your opponent on your counter push. You can start to play the fireball more aggressively and you can also use Tornado to pull units together to allow the fireball to get more value. Sometimes you might not even need to play the golem if you can support your counter pushes well enough without over committing. Goodluck running this deck everyone make sure you check out the video to see some awesome game play of yugi_art running this deck in a grand challenge.

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