Insane Electro Dragon Deck!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

LavaLoon is an extremely reliable deck and has truly stood the test of time. With the introduction of the ElectroDragon into the arena then you’re going to have a new unit to support your pushes even more and help defend against the inferno Dragon or inferno tower that can be tricky to deal with when you’re trying to break through the opponents defence. In this deck you only have one ground unit however with E-Drag and stun upto three units at once which helps prevent charging units connecting to your tower and allows you more time to stop their push. In most matchups I prefer to defend and then counter push by playing then lava hound at the bridge. However sometimes if you know your opponents cycle then pressuring with the balloon witll be enough to take the tower. If your opponent plays a heavy tank of over spends on elixir then play the lava hound in the back and start to build your own push, this will stop your opponent from spending all their elixir offensively and force them to defend. Your spells in this deck synergies together extremely well you can use the fireball to knock back units like balloon or battle ram to stop them getting damage if you time your placment correctly.

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Lava Hound

This girl is your heavy tank and while she doesn’t do much damage alone she can’t tank damage for your supporting units and help the balloon get close to their tower. The lava pups can easily take a tower too if the princess tower is locked into another unit so try to bait out their zap with the bats if required.

Electro Dragon

This new card while most likely been seen in beat down decks where you can use it to help protect the tank from units like inferno tower or inferno dragon. However it also a great counter to swarm based units because it can chip away at three units at once. It is also great for stopping princes, battle rams or fast move units that are played behind a tank from reaching your tower. It will require some form of protection because it’s slowish hit speed means it can be easily countered without protection.


Balloon is a great card to use to pressure your opponents, it’s highly important to know your opponents card cycle to get maximum value from this card. If they don’t have an air unit In cycle then you can easily apply pressure and get good value from this card.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I recommend playing fairly passively until you know what your opponent is playing. You don’t want to waste your guards at all because they’re your only ground unit so you can start out a match with them unless you’re defending. You could potentially play a mega minion however if your opponent doesn’t make a move until double elixir then the ball is going to be in your court because this deck is stronger after the 2 minute marker. If the opponent does make a move early game then defend and counter push where possible, if you gain a small elixir lead then you can take advantage and play the lava hound after the reset point but make sure you have the suitable units to defend when then apply pressure opposite lane.

Late Stage Gameplan

As I mentioned above this deck is stronger in over time because you can easily build bigger pushes and with the balloon and right support troops you can easily get a three crown victory. Similar to a golem deck you sometimes need to ignore some units on your towers so you can get an elixir lead and then use this lead offensively. You can even play the balloon opposite lane if they’re running cards like executioner Tornado. Goodluck running this deck check out my video in the link above to see other decks I think the new epic card will work well with!

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