Giant Graveyard Beat Down!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is a hybrid deck between a traditional giant best down and a graveyard control style. In matches you need to focus on defence especially using the bowler and inferno dragon and then counter pushing with a giant at the bridge if you have enough elixir. If you don’t have enough elixir to play the giant in time you can use the graveyard once the troops have crossed the bridge so they can tank the tower damage. The two spells in this deck work well together because you have the zap which can be used to reset units like sparky, inferno dragon or inferno tower and can also be used to protect your giant from bats, skeletons or spear goblins. This means you can use your arrows against minions and minion horde which can easily stop your push if you don’t answer them. The giant can also be used defensively especially if you need to kite units away from your towers.

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Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon will be the card you use to take down tanks such as pekkas, lava hounds, golems and giants. It will often need support cards to tank damage from the opponents support troops. If you think you can get it to lock onto the opponents towers then try to protect him with your spells because if it locks onto their tower it can easily take it out in seconds.


Graveyard is your secondary win condition and should be used offensively when your opponent has a lot of counters for the beat down aspect of this deck. Your opponent won’t expect you to have a graveyard in the beat down deck so it will often surprise them which means you can easily bait out their counters and play this card during double elixir. It can also be used defensively especially against pekkas and the prince. It’s also a good card to on the elixir collector if the opponent places it behind their princess towers.


Bowler is incredibly strong on defence and should be you primary unit to play defensively because he also has counter push potential. He is great at stopping bait, bridge spam, mortar and can even be used against a hog rider to only only him to get one hit on your tower. His bowling effect knocks back units and also damages troops behind tanks such as golems giants and pekkas.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should play fairly passively and just defend and counter push if you get the opportunity. Try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing so you know what lane you should play in and what cards you should hold onto so you can defend against their win condition. You can start out the match my cycling ice spirit at the bridge or even playing the bowler behind your king tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the time you can start to punish your opponent more especially on a counter push. You can also start to use the graveyard alongside the giant counter push and have your spells ready to support your push. Make sure you check out my video to see how NoCandy handles different matchups and you can also pick up some more great tips on using this deck.

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