New Bridge Spam Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today wildcat is on my channel showing us this new meta bridge spam deck which is currently been used to dominate top level ladder. Bridge spam decks need to be played aggressively but you need to know what your opponent has in cycle in order to get maximum value from your push. The battle ram, royal ghost, barbarian barrel and lumber jack are you bridge spam cards but make sure you don’t spam them all at the bridge at the same time. The posion can be used to support your pushes or it can also be used defensively against three musketeers, minion hordes or a graveyard. The battle ram will be your main unit to use at the bridge and you should play it into the lumberjacks rage to try and increase the chances of it connecting to their tower. The barbarian barrel is your second spell but because it spawns a barbarian it means you can use it to tank for units like minions, E-Drag or the royal ghost. The inferno dragon should be used defensively but make sure you take advantage of the counter push potential and play a unit at the bridge along side it. The battle ram can also be used to kite units just like the barbarian barrel, this can help buy you more time to defend their push and stop their units connecting to your towers.

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Lumberjack fits well into a bridge spam deck, he works very well on defence and can be a good unit to help use on a counter push and his rage spell makes it harder for your opponent to defend you push. He can be played at the bridge because he is fast moving can easily chop through your opponents defence.

Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost is another good bridge spam unit and his unique ability means he can often get chip damage even with a slither of HP. He’s also good defensively because of his splash damage and can help defend against graveyards and other swarm units like goblin gang.

Electro Dragon

This card is still very new to the game so we haven’t found his true potential just yet. He hits up to three units consecutively which means he is great at stop minions, bats and goblins even though he has a fairly low hit speed. He also has a stun mechanic which means he can be used to reset charging units like princes and battle ram and can also stop a bandit mid dash. He is also great against sparky and inferno dragon. You should use him as a defensive unit and then use him to counter push with.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should try and figure out what deck your opponent is playing so you can keep track of their counters. Ideally you should defend and counter push during the early stages of the game but if they play an elixir pump a heavy or do anything that means you have an elixir lead then you should apply pressure at the bridge and try to punish the opponent. Just don’t over commit offensively because you can be easily punished.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to play more aggressive and spam your units at the bridge, you can even split lane push if your opponent has a unit like bowler and you can bait it out in the opposite lane. Make sure you check out the video to watch some high skill game play from the top 50 in the world where you can see this deck been played.

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