Best F2P Hog Mortar Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Makarious is my guest today featuring on my channel and he’s showing us this deck that he is currently using to compete at the top of ladder. This deck is easy to upgrade because it is extremely free to play friendly and is viable for every skill range. This deck has a big bait element to it especially with decks that run zap of log. Once you’ve baited out their spells you can punish them with minion horde, you should keep switching this rotation up to keep the opponent guessing. A lot of decks in this meta are now running Tornado and/or tombstone which both counter the hog extremely well. So because of this you will have to take advantage of the mortar and use it as your primary win condition in these matchups. If your opponent commits a lot of elixir by playing an elixir pump, golem or lava hound then you should immediately punish the opposite lane with the hog. One of the most basic things with this deck is that you shouldn’t just spam your swarm units because it can easily cause your opponent to have a large elixir lead. Play them one by one or space them out if your close to leaking elixir. You can also split lane push with this deck because you have two win conditions and enough swarm units to support each lane and force your opponent to choose which lane to defend. This can work well against opponents with a splash damage troops.

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Hog Rider

Hog is one of your win conditions in this deck, because of the meta we are in you will mainly use this card to punish your opponent or apply pressure opposite lane to stop them throwing all their elixir at defending the mortar. It can also be used to kite units away from your towers or even your mortar if you play him correctly.


Fireball and zap synergies extremely well together. The fireball can be used to knock back units like battle and balloon, against these cards timing can be extremely important, in most situations you should wait unit the last possible second before playing the also great at acquiring chip damage of the opponents towers especially if they give you value by playing cards to close to their towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

You have a lot of options for starting plays with this deck and you should never wait until double elixir before making the first move. Either and aggressive hog or mortar can be good opening plays because it can catch your opponent without a counter but it also shows you how they’re likely to defend your future pushes.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you still need to play smart and know what your opponent has in cycle. Try to defend and counter push if you’re relying on your hog. Defensive mortars are good to play because you can easily cycle back to a second mortar to play offensively if needed, you will mostly play defensive mortars against beat down decks. Goodluck playing this deck check out the video to see live game play and how a good defensive sequence should work!

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