Pekka Dual Lane Control Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Brandank is showing us this pekka Control Deck which is great at applying dual lane pressure. Unlike most pekka decks this one can hold its own against air decks because of the electro wizard, magic archer and posion. With this deck you should play fairly patiently and use your defensive units to support you royal hogs at the bridge. If you know they don’t have a counter in hand like fireball, Valkyrie or mega knight you can place them all in one lane, but if you’re not sure or they have a counter in cycle you should split lane push. The posion should be used mainly offensively if you can get good spell value by placing it so the tower and other units are damaged. The pekka should be used purely for defence against giants, pekkas, golems and princes. It can also be used to distract siege units if you don’t have another card in cycle. Zappie, magic archer and royal hogs should all be used as fireball bait, once you’ve baited out the fireball (if the opponent is running it) and can punish them with the other cards in your deck. The barb barrel acts similar to a log but the spawning barbarian can also be used to tank damage or kite units away from your towers.

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Royal Ghost

The royal ghost is a your splash damage unit so you will use him on defence and will then be able to counter push with him because of his invisibility and he will also be able to support royal hogs.

Magic Archer

Magic archer has long range so he can help defend the opposite lane and then lead to a split lane counter push in the other lane. His placement is often key to getting good value so practise with him against your clan mates.

Electro Wizard

Ewiz is a good defensive unit especially if you need to defend against units like inferno dragon or sparky. His spawn damage and also assist other units in taking down minions or goblins and can also stop charging units like prince or battle ram.

Royal Hogs

Royal hogs can be tricky for the opponent to deal with especially if you split lane push when they have a counter out of cycle. Even just splitting one hog into one lane and the other three into the other lane can give you a good amount of chip damage and the opponent will often ignore the single hog.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best opening move to make with this deck is splitting the zappies behind your king tower. You should wait for the opponent to make the first big commitment and then counter push off your defensive units. If your opponent has mega knight or fireball space your units out and focus on split lane pushes to avoid giving them lots of value.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you still need to play patiently and wait for a good opportunity to push. Remember to try and bait out counters and placing the magic archer correctly can easily help you win the game. Split lane pushing is still very effective in double elixir especially if they have a couple of splash damage units. Goodluck with this deck and check out my video in the link above to see some grand challenge game play.

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