#1 Miner Poison Deck! #BrazilianPro
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today S.of Theseus aka Rafael is playing some live ladder matches with this new extremely strong miner poison deck. In fact it’s so strong I came close to winning my own 10k tournament on my Facebook live streams! Miner poison decks are a control based archetype so it requires some patience lots of defence. The miner is the win condition and you’ve need to play this guy more aggressively especially after a successful defence. You should only pair him with the poison if the opponent give you good value by plays units like, ewiz, minions, minion horde, goblin gang etc, basically anything you can take down or leave with low HP while also damaging their tower. When counter pushing playing the miner behind their tower will kite units back increasing the chances of your counter push units connecting to their tower. The electro dragon is so strong right now as is mentioned in a previous guide it can help defend a wide variety of troops from swarm units to support cards. Bats can be used to bait out a zap spell which your opponent can use to counter your prince. One of the biggest mistakes I see with people who play these Control decks isn’t that they get greedy and often over commit on offence. Even if the miner only gets two or three hits and you force a response from your opponent then you are in control of the game.

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As I said above this guy is your win condition and is the only card you should use aggressively in this deck. It can be used to counter and elixir pump, just have the posion ready to damage the pump and tower if the opponent places a defensive unit. Sometimes you are required to use this card on defence especially against bridge spam or faster cycle decks. Just be patient and wait for an opening to counter push.


Prince is a fairly strong card and he has a lot of counter push potential which means you should try to use his in defence when you can to apply pressure on your counter push. He will be your main unit to play to help defend against heavier cards like golem, giant or pekka. He synergies grest with the Electro Dragon because the EDrag stuns the tank while also damaging the supporting units.

Fire Spirit

This two elixir card can offer a lot of value whether you use them on defence or offence. If you know your opponent has a lot of swarm troops it can help protect your prince or even take out goblin barrels or minion hordes. It can also act as a zap bait card too.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out a match with a miner, you should play it in the anti Tornado position but then switch up your placements throughout the rest of the match to increase the chances of him connecting to their tower. Don’t play to aggressive with the poisons because it can lead to an elixir disadvantage and you losing a tower early game. Just play defensive and counter push where you can while making positive elixir trades.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can play the miner more aggressively and be more confident when playing the posion spell. You should still only play the poison spell if you can get good elixir value from playing it. If you know you have an elixir lead you can apply some light pressure in the opposite lane too. Use the barbarian barrel defensively and he can be used to tank some tower damage allowing your miner to get a couple more hits on their tower. Goodluck playing this deck every everyone check out the video in the link above to see how the pro uses this decksgainst different archetypes.

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