#1 Balloon Freeze Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is currently been used by Anaban (Nova Samuel) at the top of ladder and he’s having incredible success even against pro players like Royale! You have two great synergies in this deck you can use. The first one is the ice wizard tornado which is extremely strong in this meta and should mainly be used defensively because it can help stop some very strong pushes from your opponents. The second combo you can use is the balloon and lumber jack. What you should do here is have the lumberjack in front of the balloon so when he dies his rage spell effects the ballon and increases the chances of it reaching their tower. You can support the balloon with the zap or even the freeze. If you defend with the lumberjack then you have some good counter push potential with the balloon. This deck does take some practise to get used to because knowing when to play the freeze on defence or offence can be the difference between winning or loosing a match. Check out my video to see how Anaban handles some tricky matchups and when he uses the balloon freeze combo!

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Balloon is your main win condition and can be used to counter push your opponent or apply pressure when they’ve over committed on elixir. It does require a unit to tank tower damage however it’s desth damage can chip away at the tower health and also tank down their defensive units.


Valkyrie isn’t used much in this current meta howeve she is great at helping defend against graveyards, royal hogs and swarm decks, all of which are fairly popular in this current meta. She is also a mini tank so can be used to tank damage for your balloon too. You can also pair her with a defensive freeze to take down those heavier pushes.


Freeze can be the difference between winning or loosing a game whether you play it defensively or offensively. This card makes this deck a higher skill cap deck so it can take some practise and you should try to learn what counters you opponents have and where they are in their cycle in order to get maximum value when playing this card.

Early Stage Gameplan

If you haven’t guessed already this a reactive deck so the safest option is the wait for the opponent to make the first play. If the opponent starts out with a heavy tank then apply pressure opposite lane. If they play an elixir collector you can play the balloon same lane as long as you have zap or freeze to help support the balloon. You should ideally defend and then use you troops to counter push during single elixir unless you opponent spend a lot of elixir like I mentioned above.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you will now be aware what your opponent is playing so this can be he performs opportunity to bait out some air counters and then apply pressure with a balloon push and surprise the opponent with a freeze spell. Keep apply pressure with the balloon even if you can’t get the balloon to get a hit off on their tower because it’s desth damage will slowly win you the game providing you can successfully defend their pushes. Sometimes if your not sure what to do you should cycle your defence units in the back.

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