2.9 X-Bow Cycle!!!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Xbow decks can be a tricky archetype to master. With the 2.9 cycle you should try and stack up the Tesla to help support and protect the xbow when you play it aggressively. You should cycle units and then place the xbow at the bridge of they play a tank in the back. In most circumstances you should try to play in the opposite lane to the opponent because the long range will still help you defend their push and then allow you to pressure the opposite lane. If you get a lock onto their tower then try to keep supporting the xbow to get as much damage as possible. Your cycle units can offer a lot of value defensively especially against kiting units and distracting them. The xbow and Tesla is a ten elixir push so making positive elixir trades defensively is vital to make it harder for your opponent to defend this push.

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The Log

Log can offer a lot of value on defence. It can be used to support to xbow while also chipping away at their tower. It can also knock units back to make the more retarget from your xbow if needed.

Ice Golem

This guy can be used to kite units into the opposite lane or he can be played in front of your xbow to tank damage. It’s frost nova paired with the ice spirit can slow units down enough to buy you time to break through their defence.


The Tesla should be used to help support the xbow as much as possible. It can one shot minions and goblins and can help take out other units if you use your ice golem as a tank.

Early Stage Gameplan

Starting out the match you shouldn’t play your xbow until you know what your opponent is playing. You can simply just split archers or cycle your one elixir units to see if your opponent reacts. If the opponent drops and elixir collector or a high elixir unit in the back then apply pressure immediately with the xbow. Defensively his deck is incredibly strong so if you take a tower early game you can just simply defend throughout the rest of the match. If you lose a tower you will need to apply pressure in the lane where your tower still stand so they can’t drop their units directly on top of the xbow.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you will be able to cycle back to a second xbow if you struggled to break through their defence during single elixir. You can also play a defensive xbow then cycle back to an offensive one so they can support each other. If you know what your opponent is playing have you spells ready to drop to help support the xbow you should try to stack up the Tesla if they have small units or units like RG, giant or ram. Goodluck with this deck I recommend checking out the video and practising with your clan mates before using this deck on ladder.

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