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clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Bochum has returned to my channel to bring us this deck that he has used to get over 7000 trophies! The new Electro Dragon card is great at countering swarm units which can be deadly to your lava hound and the EDrag also inferno units which can also stop your pushes in their tracks. Often when playing this deck the best defensive strategy is playing aggressively, even when you have a one or two tower lead it will be harder for your opponent to defend and push at the same time. These heavy beat down decks will sometimes mean that you have to tower trade. This puts you at an advantage because you can drop the lava hound in the pocket once you’ve taken one of their towers. You can also play the balloon in the pocket providing the opponent doesn’t have a card in cycle to pull the balloon to their king tower. The two spells in this deck synergies great together, the zap can be used at the last second to get that extra balloon shot. Or it can also be used to retarget their units if required. The fireball is a good counter to three musketeers or even a minion horde. It can be used to knock back units as well.

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Balloon is your main card to use to pressure your opponent, it is best placed behind your lava hound to increase the chances of it reaching their tower. It’s death damage is a good advantage because it can help you acquire chip damage through the match and also take down the opponents defensive units.


Guards and tombstone are your only ground units so it your opponent has a log then don’t play them where they can be all logged at once. These guys can be used to stop heavy hitting units such as pekka or prince but if you place them correctly they can be used to surround units like sparky, executioner or royal ghost.

Early Stage Gameplan

Bochum will often wait for the opponent to make the first play because the closer you get to double elixir the stronger this deck can be. During the early stages of the game you need to find what deck your opponent is playing, this will put you at an advantage because you will know what counters they have in hand and this means you know when to go more aggressive with your push. Guards and tombstone are both important cards so don’t play them as your starting card like you would with other decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can cycle units quicker to keep applying pressure, starting a lavahoud I need the back will mean you can easily cycle back to a second hound if needed. Remember to keep playing aggressively to keep that pressure on your opponent. You can easily come back from a tower deficit too so don’t give up. Goodluck playing this deck make sure you check out my video to see Bochum playing this deck!

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