Best Hog Deck Combo!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck has two of the most recently buffed cards. It functions extremely well for free to play or even Grand Challenge matches. It’s cycles very quickly for a hog deck too so you will be able to out cycle those golem decks that are going around in the meta and have your inferno tower on defence. You’re main win condition here is the hog and you should use him if the opponent commit a lot of elixir to one lane or you’ve made a good positive elixir trade. He can also be played directly opposite and elixir collector if the opponent places it in front of their tower. If they have swarm units like goblin gang you should prediction log a couple of seconds after placing the hog. This deck is very defensive and your can take advantage of this if you counter push with your surviving troops. You should also keep the pressure on your opponent and never let your elixir reach 10. If you find yourself playing against a graveyard you need to keep the pressure up and use the dart goblins range to help take out the skeletons, you can use the ice golem at the bridge to stop a tank crossing the river. Against a lava hound matchup you again need to keep apply pressure and keep you air units in cycle ready to defend especially against lava loon. With bridge spam decks you can easily defend and stack up a good amount of counters oush troops.

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Dart Goblin

The dart goblin has long range and this means you can place him out of spell range to help defend. He is also a great support troop for the hog rider especially if the opponent has minions or goblins in their deck.

Ice Golem

Traditionally you would use this guy to tank for the hog rider when you pig push. However because this deck is essentially a bait deck you will require him more on defence to kite troops opposite lane.

Early Stage Gameplan

During the first 10-15 seconds of the match you should wait to see if your opponent makes the first play. If they don’t you can split goblins gang or even cycle log at the bridge. Try to get good value with your spells by chipping away at their towers while also damaging their troops. Early game you shouldn’t waste your inferno tower unless you need to use it for defence. Unless they’re running a beat down deck you should defend and counter push to avoid over committing.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can support you hog rider a lot more. You can use your spells to if the opponent gives you value by playing units close to their towers. Sometimes you should play your spells early so you can cycle back to them especially against three musketeers or bait style decks. Make sure you check out my video where SirTag talks about this deck while playing some live ladder matches!

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