Royals #1 Golem Deck!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Today the pro player Royal is back on my channel showing us this incredibly strong golem deck. The best piece of advice I can give to anyone when playing a golem deck is to play patiently, you should aim to know what deck your opponent is running and how cards they have in cycle because this will help you know when to go aggressive and when to play passively. You can use the barbarian barrel to cycle if you need to however he can help you make positive elixir trades especially against bait archetypes. Against a siege matchup you should rush the opponent as soon as they drop their win condition to stop them gaining enough elixir to protect their pump. Ideally you should has the night witch and baby dragon behind the golem. The two cards synergies very well together at supporting the golem. Check out my video to see Royal using this deck at the top of ladder and then he coaches me through how to use this deck!

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The golem is your main tank so you will mainly be playing aggressively so he can tank tower damage for your support units. Sometimes you will need to play him centrally to kite units like prince, pekka or royal ghost into the opposite lane where you can then counter push.


Tornado has a wide range of uses in this deck from been used to activate your king tower to help you out on defence or pulling units into the range of the golems death damage. You can also use it defensively to pull units like hog riders, goblin barrels or balloons away from your towers. Should also use it to help avoid death damage from units like golem, giant skeleton or balloon.


Posion can be used used against an opponents elixir collector if they have it. However if they running three musketeers, minion horde battle ram you should Tornado the three musketeers into one lane and then posion, this will give you a two elixir lead which cancels out their two elixir they’ll gain from the pump. You also have the Tornado and baby dragon to help you deal splash damage. You can also use this card to support the golem especially if they have a tombstone, or swarm units which will easily die to a posion.

Early Stage Gameplan

As with all golem decks you should try to wait out double elixir. However because pretty much all matches are well underway buck the time double elixir hits here are some useful tips to help you out. Playing passively and allowing your opponent to get some small chip damage on your towers will help you gain an elixir lead which you can use to you advantage later in the game. Never start out a match by playing the golem in the back unless the opponent does so first. Try to activate your king tower as early as possible especially against hogs, bridge spam and bait decks. Also defending with units that have good counter push potential like lumber jack and baby dragon will apply pressure to your opponent and force them to defend. If you do start a golem push early game then play the night witch behind your king tower (If they don’t have rocket or lightening) to avoid them rushing opposite lane like they would if you placed a golem.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can start to apply more pressure with the golem and support him more. You can play the golem in the back if you know your opponent can’t punish you. If they play pump during double elixir you should ignore it and try to punish them. Don’t over commit offensively, this deck is very defensive so you still need to play it very patiently. I wish you all luck in running this deck check out my video to pick up some more great hints and tips!

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