Mega Knight Mirror Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In today’s video soaking if showing us this mirror deck which he’s used to get 12 wins in a grand challenge. This deck has a bait element to it with the dart goblin and Goblin gang, you can also mirror these cards if you know you can get a lot of value if you opponent doesn’t have another counter in cycle. You can play he miner onto their tower to tank for other units in this deck. If you play him behind their tower he will kite units back and increase the chances of your bandit or goblins connecting to their tower. Defending and then counter pushing is a solid way to play any deck and you can even split lane push if your opponent has a lot of counters.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight has good splash damage and can easily handle pushes from your opponent, especially three musketeer decks and bait decks. I can some matchups you won’t require this card at especially against air heavy decks like lava loon where you can be easily punished by using this card.


Because you only have one spell in this deck the miner can be used to help chip away at their towers. He is also a good counter to the princess or magic archer if the opponent has them in their deck. You can also use him to counter an elixir collector. You might need to use him defensively too to tank damage for your towers.


Mirror is often an underrated card and doesn’t have a high use rate so your opponents won’t be expecting you to have it in your deck. You can mirror a zap spell against a bait deck to completely take out their goblin barrel. The bandit, dart goblin and zap will be the most likely cards you’ll mirror especially to get the most value.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can open the match by playing a miner in the anti Tornado position or even playing an aggressive dart goblin at the bridge to see what counters they have. Throughout single elixir you should play fairly passively and play aggressively after a successful defence. However if the opponent has a beat down deck you should try to get as much damage as possible during single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can start to mirror your units more confidently and use your miner to chip away while you’re defending. Remember to try and get the EDrag as close to their tower as possible so his chain damage will help chip away at their towers. If you’re playing against a beat down deck you should play extremely efficiently and try to make positive elixir trades defensively. Goodluck running this deck make sure you check out my video to see how soaking plays against different archetypes including LavaLoon!

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