Fast Mirror Bait Cycle Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Surgical Goblin is back on my channel today with this new mirror bait deck that he’s been using on ladder. With a bait deck you should aim to bait out their counters such as barbarian barrel, log or arrows and then you can punish them with another card. Because you have the mirror in this deck you can use it to mirror a rocket at the end of the game if you need to however this can be risky and should only be done if they can’t rush your towers. The princess and goblin barrel will offer you the most value if you mirror them especially if you can bait out their hard counters. The princess and dart goblin both have longe range DPS so you can space them out to avoid giving your opponent spell value to help you defend. You need to acquire chip damage throughout the match and take any rocket value your opponent gives you, if they play a five elixir card or higher near their tower then make sure you get rocket value.

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Princess is an extremely versatile card and she is great on defence. She is your main log bait card alongside the goblin barrel. Don’t play her at the bridge unless the match is almost over anf you need the get a few hundred chip damage.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel can be easily countered so you need to know what your opponent has in hand to counter this card. If you successfully bait out their counters you can punish your opponent. If you have a knight on the opponents side then you can play this card and the knight will tank damage. Tricky barrels can be good especially if your opponent is preemptively playing the log to counter the barrel. It can also be used to counter an elixir collector if your rocket is out of cycle.


Knight will be a key card to use on defence and then you can use your other cards to support him if required. The knight can tank for other cards too so he has a lot of counter push potential.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with a princess behind your towers, her range means she can support both lanes if your opponent applies pressure. You could even play the dart goblin at the bridge to see how your opponent responds. During single elixir you should see what your opponent is playing and then try to keep track of their counters. If they over commit or you’ve made a positive elixir trade you can apply pressure on to their towers.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’ll be able to out cycle their counters and keep applying pressure especially against those heavier decks. Take all the spell value you can and remember to use your mirror if you know you can get good value from your units you mirror. If the game goes into over time keep trying to chip away while playing well on defence and then you can rocket once their tower HP is in range. Check out the video in the link above to see live ladder game play from surgical goblin.

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