Fast Balloon Cycle Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is an extremely fast cycle balloon deck which Im featuring on my channel courtesy to B-Rad from Tribe gaming. This is a good all round deck for challenges or ladder though due to the current meta it’s slightly stronger in challenges. Because of the cycle speed in this deck you need to play it fairly aggressively by applying constant pressure and always counter pushing after a successful defence. You don’t have a ‘big’ spell in this deck so you will rely on the splash damage of the Valkyrie and executioner to deal with troops and the balloon death damage to help chip away at their towers. The balloons death damage is often underrated, even if you don’t get a direct tower hit with the balloon the death damage can help you chip away at their towers HP throughout the match. The ice spirit, skeletons and zap are your main cycle cards. The miner is a good unit to use the tank fit the balloon, you can also pairhim with the zapto retarget to tower damage if you need to.

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Balloon is your main win condition and should be used to apply pressure to your opponent. If they have a lot of air counters you should try to bait them out of have your executioner paired with Tornado ready to help protect the balloon.


Tornado synergies very well with the executioner and can help aid your defence. You can also use this card to pull units into the range of the balloons desth damage. If the opponent has three musketeers try to Tornado them all into the same lane then defend with ice spirit and Valkyrie.


This unit is a good choice of card to play defensively against most archetypes. She is classed as a mini tank too which means you can use Herndon’s on a counter push if she has enough HP remaining.

Early Stage Gameplan

Ice spirit is a good starting play at the bridge, often the opponent will ignore it and will give you free chip damage. Don’t worry about playing the miner in the Anti Tornado position because if they Tornado your miner then they can’t use it to pull your balloon. Try to activate your own king tower by using the Tornado especially against hog riders, bridge spam and bait decks. If your opponent makes a ‘major’ play (spending a lot of elixir) you should apply pressure immediately in the opposite lane with the miner and balloon combo.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can easily cycle back to a second balloon to keep apply that relentless pressure if you know your opponent can’t defend. The miner can also be used to help gain chip damage if they have a lot of air counters and you can’t break through their defence. If you’ve taken a tower then you should still apply light pressure to force them to spend elixir defending especially against heavier decks. Goodluck playing this deck! Go check out my video to see live ladder game play and join me and B-Rad in voice discussing this deck!

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