Best Mortar Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we’re following MidFinger through some live ladder matches with this mortar deck. You have two win conditions in this deck, the miner and the mortar. The rascals work well will this deck because they’re a great support card to use alongside the mortar or even the miner. You also have an element of bait in this deck, the rascals and goblin gang will bait out spells like log or barbarian barrel and the bats and minion horde will bait out zap. Once you’ve baited out one of these spells you can punish the opponent with the other units. Mortar cycle can be key to victory. If your opponent has a lot of ground based units you will rely on the defensive placements to help you defend and then you can counter push with your miner. If the opponent has an air deck you can play offensive mortars and punish your opponent if they play a heavy tank or even apply pressure in the opposite lane. As your troops defensive troops cross the bridge you should play the miner towards the back of their tower, this will kite their troops back allowing your units to connect to their tower if they don’t have enough elixir to respond to your push.

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As I mentioned above miner is one of your win conditions and should be used to help you acquire chip damage throughout the game. He can also be used as an answer to the opponents elixir collector especially if you need to save your fireball for the musketeers or minion hordes. He is a good counter to the princess in bait decks which means you can use the log as a counter to the goblin barrel. If the opponent plays the elixir collector in the middle of their towers you should either play the miner onto to pump and pressure at the bridge or play the miner onto their tower and then prediction fireball.

Minion Horde

This card should mainly be used on defence at first providing you know your opponent doesn’t have arrows or fireball in cycle. You can use the rascals or even the miner to distract splash damage units like wizard or executioner. They have a lot of counter push potential especially if you can play a miner onto their princess tower to tank for the horde.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game MidFinger likes the play one of his win conditions straight off the bat to see how the opponent responds. Remember to try and keep track of their defensive units in their card cycle so you know how they’re likely to respond later in the game. Try to play smart by chipping away at their towers with the miner, spells and mortar throughout single elixir. You should play this deck aggressively, the best defensive is often the best offence. Single elixir is a good time to punish your opponent if they over commit because it’s harder for them to recover elixir quickly, be aware of over committing yourself, never leave yourself without a counter in cycle to their win condition.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is fairly similar to how you’d play the match throughout single elixir depending on who or what you’re playing against. If you’re in over time you can start to spell cycle if you can successfully defend with your other units. You should also know what cards your opponent is playing so you can start to make prediction placements to help support the mortar or miner. Goodluck if you try this deck on ladder! I’ve seen a few top players using this deck on ladder so in my opinion is definitely the best mortar deck out their right now!

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