3.0 X-bow Cycle
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is Dank-Ganons signature deck that he is currently dominating top level with. Because of the current meta you have to play this deck with a lot of discipline, by this I mean you have to wait for the right opportunity to play the xbow. Even a small 4-5 second lock on the opponents tower with the xbow will get you a lot of damage which is beneficial. If your opponent has a counter like giant, Valkyrie, prince or pekka to tank the xbow damage you should support a lot and rely on the temporary locks that you get on their tower and slowly acquire chip damage until you’re in spell cycle range. The ice golem is a great unit to use to damage damage for the xbow however creating a chain of defensive units can be almost impossible to stop and will eventually allow your xbow to lock onto their tower.

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Ice Golem

This should be used as a meat shield for the xbow however you can use him to kite units away from your towers and even into the opposite lane. He can also kill bats and skeletons with his death damage effect.


Tesla is probably the best support card for the xbow and should be played slightly higher so the opponents troops lock onto the Tesla before they lock onto the xbow. This will buy the xbow more time to chip away at their units. It can also one shot goblins and minions which can can give you a good elixir lead, it’s good for kiting units like balloons and heavy tanks like golem, hound or giant.

Fire Spirit

Fire spirits are a massively underrated card, they can be used to cycle, apply pressure at the bridge or to support your xbow and protect it from swarm based units. They’re also a good counter to goblin gang if you log is out of cycle and you’re up against a bait deck.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should wait around 10-15 seconds to see if your opponent makes the first move. If they don’t you can cycle skeletons, fire spirits or mega minion to try and start the game. Siege is an archetype where you need to play offensively throughout single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Towards the end of the game you can simply Falwell cycle if your opponents towers are under 1000HP. This is often a safer option than playing an aggressive xbow and allows you to control your opponents moves more. Because it’s now double elixir you can start to play defensive xbows which can later be used to support an offensive xbow placement. You should be aware what cards your opponent has and what they’re likely to use to defend the xbow. So you can make prediction placements and have units like log or fire spirits ready for deployment. Goodluck playing this deck make sure you check out the video to see how DankGanon plays this deck in some live ladder matches.

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