Pekka Graveyard Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today I’m bringing you guys this deck which is suitable for top end and mid range ladder. The pekka can be used to answer a lot of win conditions that are currently dominating upper ladder including golem, royal giant and mega knight. The Valkyrie is a good counter to bait decks and a lot of bridge spam decks too. The furnace is a solid card too which once placed it will apply constant pressure to your opponent for 50 seconds. It can also be useful at baiting out spells and also aiding you on defence, especially at kiting units like hogs, battle ram and giants. It can also take out support units behind their tank too if the fire spirits spawn at the right time. I would say this deck is super defensive and you will often rely on creating a strong counter push to win the game, you will most likely build the best counter push during double elixir so holding off on the graveyard and surprising the opponent late game can be a good way to win a match up.

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Graveyard is the win condition and should ideally be used later game unless you feel you have a good opportunity to apply pressure early game. If they play an elixir collector behind their towers then this would be a good opportunity to apply presssure in the game lane as the graveyard. This card is best comboed with a unit to tank tower damage such as the Valkyrie or mega minion. The pekka can be used too if you’re counter pushing with her. For the most optimal placement check out the video to see how AZ places this card on the opponents towers.


The pekka is great at helping block up a lane and taking down high HP units. She is easily distracted by swarm units so you will sometimes rely on the Valkyrie, arrows or archers to help support her and make it more difficult for the opponent to counter her. If you have a furnace I’m the same lane the fire spirits can help support the pekka too. She is also a good answer the the elite barbarians, although she costs one more elixir she has a lot of counter push potential so she is worth while using defensively.


Posion is I’m almost every single graveyard deck out there because they combo so well together. If your opponent places units that the posion can take out or leave with a slither of HP then you should play this card to support the graveyard. It is also good to use defensively if your opponent is also playing the graveyard however if it’s out of cycle you have the archers and Valkyrie which can be used defensively too. I recommend using this card against three musketeers, if the opponent splits them then use it on the two musketeers. This card also synergies very well with the arrows because often the opponent will bait out the posion and punish you with units like minions which are easily countered with the arrows.

Early Stage Gameplan

In most matches you should play fairly passively and just respond to what your opponent plays while making positive elixir trades and remembering what cards they’re using which can potentially counter your graveyard. You should also try to keep track of their win condition by counting the cards in between them placing it so you know when they have it back in cycle. Stacking up furnaces is a good way to acquire chip damage throughout single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you still need to play patiently and wait for a good opportunity to to go all in with your graveyard push. AZ still plays defensively and then counter pushes, he does sometimes apply dual lane pressure too, then plays graveyard in one of the lanes. You can spell cycle if your opponents towers around around 500HP and the game is now in over time. Goodluck if you decide to play this deck let me know on Twitter @CWA how you get on using this deck!

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